Recents: Life via Instagrams

Instagram is the best. It makes everything prettier. Don't you think?
Yup. Monday was the highlight of my week (thus far). Not sure how that can be topped.... I spent all afternoon with my sister looking through racks of cute clothes, laughing, and eating. She's a blaaaast!! We're about 7 years apart and when we were little she hated me cause Mom forced her to play Barbies with me... She loves me now though. I'm her favorite sibling. Or so I'd like to think...(I'm the baby you know.) Anywho, she bought me a few rings and a Star Wars poster for Lovey. What a gal! So blessed she's my sissy..And so blessed she likes me now. (Bahaha!)

What's your highlight of the week thus far? 

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. Instagram is very awesome! Although I don't use it much anymore. I struggle with keeping up with my blog let alone instagram :)

    What a fun day shopping with your sister! Did you buy boots from Target? I've been wanting brown leather flat boots, but can't seem to find them anywhere.

  2. Sister time is seriously the best thing ever! I love that you're close with your sister even though you're seven years apart. I have a brother 7 years younger than me and love him to pieces. He's also the baby so I think you might be on to something there! Cute post. Cute pics.

  3. I love instagram!!! I'm just starting to get into it. My fave from this set is the one of the chocolate milk.

    Also I agree, sisters are the best :)

  4. haha I love that he was cool with you buying shoes :)


  5. so fun! and yep- everything is just THAT much more magical through instagram ;)
    have fun skipping work to shop!

  6. awww sisterly love ;) i only have an older brother and we also did not like each other when we were little but i love him... and well, he married my best friend so i have a sister now too i guess! :P

  7. I'll say one thing; you have been eating a lot of REALLY good lookin' food, my friend.

    I've been drooling over your instagram, for reals.

  8. I love all of these! Especially the text- so sweet :) Shopping with sisters is the best. I have two and it's our favorite thing :) the highlight of my week is yet to come- photo shoot, nails, and grey's anatomy with my SIL and nieces tonight.

    If Work Permits

  9. I love all of your IG picks! You and your hubs are so cute! So glad you had a great day with your sister! I kinda feel like that is how it is with my bro. I'm glad he likes me now too! Haha!
    Is is wrong that the smoothie pic is my favorite? The green and purple are so pretty together!

  10. total! i played on instagram last night for over an hour, it's addictive to say the least. the delicious shake, your darling socks and the 3 of you are a trifecta of sweetness!!!! you make Mondays' sound as awesome as can be, i think the Boomtown Rats definitely got it all wrong ; ) so glad you got to spend a fun day with your sissy.

    xoox ♥


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