P52: Space

Remember I mentioned I was doing a year long photography project with a friend? Well here is my submission for the second round. This week's theme (SPACE) was a little tricky... I took pictures of so many random things trying to capture something worthwhile. In the end I decided on this corner of my home... It's where Lovey puts his shoes every day after work (or school). It's a sweet space... In every sense of the phrase.. It's the space that reminds me of my hard working husband...of how tired he looks after being stuck in traffic for an hour...of how he takes off his shoes every day, the same way...first the left...then the right...And finally...after he's done... the sweet hello-kiss that tells me he's finally home...


  1. that's a cool way to think about "space". Sounds like a cool challenge :)

  2. what a sweet simple picture that reminds you of your hubby :)

  3. Aw! What a great little space to capture! I love that!

  4. That is the sweetest thing ever! Seriously!
    I love moments like that!

  5. Wow...I even teared up reading this!! lol Isn't it funny the routine things we pick up on?? Well done on "space". :) Make sure the hubs reads this. ;) Happy Monday!

  6. Poetic. What can I say. I already knew that it would be about lovey just by seeing the sneakers. How odd is that?!! lol. The narrative behind the photo makes it even better, but even by itself its just fantastic - thought provoking. Glad you decided on this one.


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