P52. Sort of.

So...just wanted to share a picture of a tree...Well... part of a tree. Why? Well, I like trees. I do. A lot. But this week my photographic radar was acutely locked and loaded on limbs of green. A friend from University (who also happens to be a photographer) wanted to start a collaborative project with yours truly. Basically, each week we have a theme or object we must photograph. At the end of the week we submit our images to one another and then create a diptich of said images. I'm not sure if I'm at liberty to share her work (for now) So I'll just share mine....
It's so glowy and happy! I like glowy trees.

Next week's theme: SPACE


  1. I like trees too.. space could be hard one, look forward to seeing what you come up with for that? :) Hope you're having a good weekend! xx

  2. oh i hope you share the diptich's from this project too! adore hearing the back stories behind the image choices, all our leaves have turned the most gorgeous shades of autumn colors now. makes me sorta sad when the trees are barren though, yours still look like they're holding on well. glowy trees make me almost forget about the impending decline of face time with the sun : )

    happy Sunday friend, thanks for all the visits, comments and love! xoox ♥

  3. What a cool little project idea!! I bet it will turn out beautifully!

    Trees are my favorite...especially the glowy ones. I went to my parent's house today, and the trees on the mountains were GLORIOUS...red and orange and bright glowy yellow. :D & of course, I forgot my camera. :(

  4. I've been noticing trees more this week. I love seeing how different kinds of trees change to fall colors at different times. It kinda blows my mind. Nice picture :)


  5. It IS glowy and happy. It sounds like a fun project.


  6. So fun! How cool to see each others' prosective on the same topic. Show us more!!!


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