October Recap!

Oh November.. You just snuck up on me all stealth-like... Unacceptable. I wasn't ready. Were you?
Here's a look back at October:

♥ I vlogged (2nd round of Q&A).
♥ I posted a handwritten note for all to marvel...Not.
♥ I redisovered The Wonder Years (I cried almost every episode.)
♥ I got a new hair-do!
Finally posted about my secret birthday.
Started two new features in Jongleurville: Memory Lane & Lovelinks
Was officially partied out with Sukkot celebrations...
Had a scary (but hilarious in retrospect) incident involving an 8-legged critter...Eek!

So long October 2011!!! I'll never see your face again.. Which makes me a little sad, since you were so so good to me... But...no time for tears...Here's what I'm looking forward to this month:

-Thanksgiving dinner. Mainly cranberry sauce.
-Trip to Arizona. Woo hoo!
- I'm determined to find me some fallish trees.
-Thanksgiving dinner: Mostly turkey.
-Got a few special dates lined up this month.(with friends and sisters of course).
- 2 photo shoots. (Yay!)

So.. What are you looking forward to this month? 

(Hoping you say turkey...or some other delicious side dish...or pie...)


  1. I have yet to watch your vlogs and totally loved your handwritten note from October. Looking forward to turkey day. Speaking of food, its making me hungry.

  2. Can't you come a little further than Arizona? Just a little further? Kidding...I'm kidding....except not really!
    I looking forward to the maize, Thanksgiving, lots of friends, family, and seeing my grandma again! (the last time was March..way too long!)

  3. Thanks for your well wishes for my health...and you like my dress...woot woot! I looooove the new hair and your vlogs....October was a great posting month from you...and I look forward to Novembers, You Cutie! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. The rolls. That is what I always look forward too. :) Haha! So forget Arizona and head on up to Utah! Ya!

  5. I love your posts, always there is a question at the end...I loved your looking forward list and here is mine:
    *I'm looking forward to level up on emroiedery course
    *Lose 4 more kg :)
    *Find a job!

    Wish you a happy November!

  6. Looks like a fun month ahead. Some cool posts too.

  7. I like your lists...I like to think back at achieved goals and to make plans for the forthcoming period ! :) I like your blog and you're so cute, I am a new follower ! Many kisses

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  8. I had never seen The Wonder Years but since it was on Netflix I decided to give it a try. That show makes me emotional too! I just know that something slightly sad will happen at the end of every episode haha


  9. I've been out of the loop this month and have missed many of these posts! Got to catch up! I'm sad to say goodbye to October too.

    I'm definitely looking forward to turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie...I can keep going lol!

    p.s. thanks for using my Etsy button. You are awesome!

  10. that's weird what you say about the reply... how can I change that?

  11. I LOVE the Wonder Years!!! One of the best shows, ever! I had no idea it was available on netflix! I have been waiting on waiting for it to come out on DVD, but apparently there are all of these issues with music rights - blah! Well, glad to know there is somewhere to rekindle with it :) xoxoxo brynn

  12. Not seeing October 2011 again.... now that makes me think what I actually did with this month! xx

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  13. Yes I mostly look forward to the feasts that are coming. YUM.

  14. hey, weird question, but what is it that you do that requires photo shoots?

  15. ok si I think I fixed it, however, when I go to my blog to see comments, I still have to get into your blog to respond... maybe that will change once I get the comments to my email?

  16. So looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner as well!! :)


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