Lovelinks: 10 Must Clicks (Food & DIY edition)

Here's another round of  Lovelinks: 10 Must clicks! I realize I zero in on food and DIY stuff... 2 of my favorite things! Enjoy!

1. A quick and fancy way to serve a classic...Grilled cheese and tomato soup!

2. Design your dream room with this virtual design program. You can even enter exact dimensions!

3. You must read the directions on this.. Makes hanging wall art soooo simple!

4. Such a pretty little mug!

5. The possibilities are endless. DIY shirt design.

6. DIY scarfy scarf!???? Why thank you!

7.So dreamy and so smart! Make a cozy nook out of an old coffee table!

8. Lovey is not a pancake fan, so maybe I'll just make these for myself.

9. Pretty intense stuff. But very motivating!

10.This is cute and kind of funny...and kind of true...
Happy Thursday friends! Chin up! It's almost Friday!


  1. That's some pretty pancakes! And a good idea about the nook. Might have to try that.

  2. Oh my gosh, those pancakes are amazing! I just have to try making them! xxx

  3. My favorite things on Pinterest definitely have to do with DIYs and food. I REALLY want to try that tomato soup + grilled cheese sandwich idea!

  4. i love that DIY scarf!! and those pancakes are pretty fancy!! :)

    ps: i have lots of fun gift ideas and discounts on the blog, so make sure you check it out!! :)

  5. I want to make that mug! It's so cute. I now I want to buy a used coffee table to I can make that cute nook. Thanks for sharing all these.

  6. duuuuuuuuuude, the mug and pancake art alone blow my mind completely but everything you've got going on here is tremendous! the make room is cool shiz, Sean's working in a similar program right now trying to re-configure our home office. it needs some tender loves soon, we've neglected it way too long now. gotta show him this link, perhaps it'll help, thanks for sharing the wealth wise one! xoox ♥


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