Feliz Friday!

Feliz Friday Friendlies! Today I have nothing to share really… So I decided to go with an "all-things-random" kind of post.  What’s that you ask? Well… First I’ll post a few random pictures…and then I’ll say a few random things…Wait… That sounds like all the other posts I do ‘round here :::shakes head::: Never mind. 

1. Eating before bed = nightmares for Janette
2. Thanksgiving is next week! WOO HOO!
3. Lovey knows how to instantly change my grumpy mood with a simple hand squeeze. Who taught him?
4. Love my parents!
5. It's official. I hate having long nails. Drives me nuts now.
6. Who invented the chocolate chip cookies with milk combo???! I'd like to shake his or her hand!
7. I'd also like to shake the hand of  John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. He sort of inspired the sandwich.
8. I’m hoping it pours this Sunday...
9. Made a pumpkin smoothie and it was nastacious. Must majorly modify that recipe. (First time Pinterest has let me down...Boo!)
10. Got me some new boots!

Ok. I’m done… Now your turn! Tell me something random!


PS. Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. This post cracked me up! Hmmm...something random...

    My mission after work today is to make a gluten-free apple pie so that my sister and brother can enjoy apple pie again!

  2. fab rings, his & hers scarves & hats, and hand-squeezes...LOVE IT :) happy weekend Janette! xo

  3. Feliz Friday to you too!! My random fact is that I am very excited to go to the movies after work... not sure what I'm seeing but I'm excited to sit in the dark and escape for a bit :)

  4. Love your rings and cute hats!
    And I love having long nails! I've grown mine out natural, but I'm never going back to acrylics!
    Cookies and milk sounds soooo good right now!
    Hope you have a great weekend and I loved seeing your new boots on IG!
    :) :) :)

    Oh and something random.....

  5. I'm excited for thanksgiving too! And boots make the world keep spinning in my opinion! Love them!

    If Work Permits

  6. You have such a lovely blog! I saw your comment on another blog about how you would only wear fake skin/fur and for that i decided to stop by)
    I`m an animal rights activist so it really warms my heart that there are people like you out there!


  7. Awwww what a sweet sissy you have! Love those rings! And I think I might be due for a shopping date myself!

  8. oh i am so exited for thanksgiving! my boyfriend is meeting my dad! can you say scary!! but i'm still looking forward to it. and those rings...love them!! i dont even really know you...but if i did i would say "those are so you!"

  9. I can't stand long nails either. Something random: ate some mini churros from Jack in the Box today and they were delicious :)

  10. WHAAAAAAT. Pinterest let you down?!??! oh nooooo. It's never failed!!

  11. love the his and hers section! Janette that spot is an organized dream, if i could only get KASA to hang his things up like that. they usually end up spread across the floor in various mounds, sometimes so large that the kittehs can hide undetected to the naked eye ; )

    awe, the hand squeeze, works every time! what a guy : ) yah to a random assortment of fun, i like the way your mind works lades. new boots too? i bet a "woo-howdy" was rolling off your tongue when they got snapped up! xoox ♥

  12. haha I'd fail if I tried that pumpkin pie smoothie recipe too. Pinterest makes it look too easy.



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