Amusing, funny, and sad.

Today I feel like thee biggest grumpy pants in the whole wide world. Must be that time of the month cause I just feel like kicking stuff. Pebbles on the ground. Walls. Trash cans. Shins... You know what I mean? Arrrggghhhhh! Anyway! I need a mood-makeover miracle!!! I decided to scour my funny files for some chuckle inducing goodness. Maybe it will bring a smile to your face if you're having a bad case of the Mondays too....

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So what helps change your mood around when you're having "one of those days".. 
Please share or I'll get even grumpier and or kick you in the shins.

Just kidding ;-)

Happy Monday Prettypies,

PS. That running one kills me! BAHAHAHAHA! And the skinny person one....


  1. I love the cute pillowcases and the silly t-rex made me laugh out loud. Love them!

    When I have a case of the Mondays, I usually listen to pump up music and sing out loud by myself during my prep period. But today is a 2-day week for me so it's hard to be in a bad mood! I hope your days gets better. <3


  2. My favourite website to get over the grumps is SO adorable!!!!!!! My favourite ones are animals dressed in clothes- cute *and* funny!

  3. When I'm grumpy, my dogs will cheer me up. I can never be mad around them. I like the one about being alone at home when someone knocks on your door. I'm totally the 1 percent. I sneak to a window where I can see the door before opening it! lol

  4. haha I like the last one about the fictional characters. I usually look at blogs or pinterest when I'm feeling blah. Or watch Friends, That 70s Show, The Office, and eat really fattening food.
    Hope you feel better!


  5. The t-rex made me giggle. And I SERIOUSLY needed a giggle. I don't feel quite as much like I could stab someone now ;-)

  6. Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard right now! I love them all!!! bahaha Love this and totally needed this today...cuz it's that time of the month here as well! hehe
    Hugs xxx

  7. LOL! Thanks! Poor T-Rex. :) What cheers me up? USUALLY my husband. He manages to make me laugh even when I don't want to (like when I'm mad at him!). Kaiser is so darn sweet that I can't help but smile. If I'm still Grumpy McCranky Pants, then I take 15-30 minute nap and start over. I can neither confirm or deny that this happens at work.

  8. Have I mentioned how much I freaking adore you! I lurve this post!!! Ha ha! Eat skinny people...ha ha! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  9. I've been in need of mood-makeover myself....perhaps you read about my terrible debacle on my blog? UGH. I've had a really hard time being positive lately....but I'm TRYING!

    p.s. I heart that TREX thing...makes me laugh every time. :)

  10. I had a whole week like this last week. I told myself that today was going to be great day and it pretty much was! And caffeine always helps me haha :) My fav is the t-rex haha.

    If Work Permits

  11. Awww T-rex! LOL. I usually head on to I Can Has Cheezburger and I Has a Hotdog and look at cutie pie pictures of doggies and cats! LOL. :)

  12. Oh this made me laugh) I made a post today about Miserable Mondays too! With the main character Garfield of course! ;P

    PS - Thank YOU for visiting my blog too!!!


  13. I had one of these days yesterday! Ummm what made it better was when it was over. Lol. Hope your day brightens up & ps you should totally wear your fur collar coat again this season!!

  14. Funny! The only thing that changes things around for me when I am grumpy is a total hangs in atmosphere. I have to physically go somewhere else.

  15. LOVE THE T-REX! Definitely my favorite!

  16. They are so fuuny!I'm planning to make one of them as profile picture on facebook:)

  17. The pillow case is so adorable. I'm thinking of gifting one for xmas. Thanks for brightening up my day, definitely needed a few laughs.


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