Oh, the Wonder Years!

Before Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski, before Dawson (Did he have a last name?) and Joey, Cory and Topanga there was Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper of The Wonder Years. Ahh! What an amazing show and recently rediscovered nugget of goodness! I used to watch with my siblings when I was about 7. And at  7, nothing really registered.  All I was concerned about was brushing my Skipper doll's hair and sitting in the shadow of my big brothers and sisters who huddled on the couch each week to watch.

Sure, I glanced up at the TV between brush strokes...and sort of followed the plot lines...But did I have any clue that the writing was phenomenal?? Was I aware of the intricacies of the characters' relationships!?! Of the defining moments of the 60s & 70s??  Uh...Nope. Not at all. All I remember is that I used to think Winnie had really cool bangs…Like..really cool! Now as I rewatch, almost 20 years later, I think pretty much the same thing about her.  But Kevin??! Well I’m pretty much in love with Kevin. (And not in a creepy way..) He actually reminds me of my eldest nephew..to the T! In fact, I cannot watch an episode without exclaiming (out loud), “Oh my gosh! He looks just like Christian!” I also can't watch an episode without shedding a few tears. Every. Single. Time..(Such a softy, I tell ya!)

If you haven’t seen this show I highly recommend it (It's on Netflix Instant Watch)…Basically Kevin (as a middle aged man) narrates his life growing up in the 60s... But that's not all! The music is candy for the soul, the lessons still relevant, and with each episode I find myself  nodding in agreement with Kev's discovery of the glory and grittiness of growing up...It's good!

Anywho! Here are some quotes I wanted to share from the first 2 seasons...

PS. I love the Savage brothers!

PPS. I did not like Dawson's Creek. Did you?


  1. I have been hearfing about this show from everyyyoneeee lately. I didn't think that I had ever seen it, but when I saw the photo above I totally have! I'm going to have to rewatch it now! ha

  2. Huh. I remember watching reruns of this show but not enough to remember much about it. However, you've convinced me to watch it again. :)

  3. Where is your tights post???? ;D
    I'd love to see it, I'm sure it would be wonderful! Go for it :)
    Anyway, I am spending too much time in blogosphere, it's time for me to go to bed now.
    Oh, netflix isn't available over here yet btw... :/
    Lily xx
    lonely afternoon

  4. I really love this post! I haven't thought about Wonder Years in a while, and I am now considering purchasing Netflix just so I can watch it!

  5. It's on Instant Watch??? Gah that may be enough to convince me to get my Netflix account back... I LOVED this show. I used to watch it with my dad and brother.

    And incidentally, I hated Dawson's Creek.

  6. Ah The Wonder Years. Love that show, but I haven't watched it in years!

    Now I want to go watch it!

    I actually did like Dawson's Creek, but now looking back, that show is kind of annoying. I don't think I could watch it again.

  7. I LOVED this show! I discovered it when I was about 16 and Kevin was just the cutest little button!!! It is such a sweet show, I wish they had something like that on TV now. I do have to confess, I like making fun of the voiceovers. Just to myself. But it's only because I love them!

  8. The BF has some weird connection to Fred Savage. They were both in the same graduating class at Stanford. Either Fred Savage directed the BF in a play or the two of them were in a play together. Either way, the BF "played" with Fred Savage. Ha!

  9. Oh boy. A girl after my own heart. I LOVE this show. I, too, watched Wonder Years as a child, while ALSO chillin' with my Barbies (an only child's very best friends, btw.)

    --sidenote: Skipper's flat feet always bothered me.--

    I think Kevin was the CUTEST. And I used to always want to name a girl Winnie. I thought she was just the bees knees.

    It's such a treat to catch these reruns on late nights....and to cry along with the beautiful wisdom that was wonderfully packed into a lovely show.

    p.s. YES i liked Dawson's Creek. (DAWSON LEERY). ;) My mom & I named our maltese Pacey....after my favorite character.

  10. I didn't like Dawson's Creek either. I did love Wonder Years and Small Wonder. Did you watch Small Wonder? It was that series with the robot girl.

  11. oh my gosh, this show used to always play on nick at nite. LOVED this show. kevin and winny. adore! this show always reminded me of boy meets world in a way - cory and topanga.
    xo TJ

  12. Don't hate me, but I have never seen this show. I have, however, seen plenty of "Boy Meets World." I never watched "Dawson's Creek," either. It sucked.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. hitting my soft spot here Janette! TWY was a weekly pleasure-filled experience. they don't make em like they used to!! how i loved Kevin and Winnie, his funny shrugs and squinched up facial expressions. awe, so faved! nice to be reminded of those times, i'll have to revisit this too. thanks for keeping my beats happily aligned.

    um, ya, DC not so much...with ya on that. ; ) xoox ♥

  14. Hi Janette! Thank you so much for the well wishes.

    I too watched Winnie & Kevin growing up. I wasn't in love with Kevin, but I was digging Paul. I'm such a dork lol. I'm probably the only one who thinks Paul was kinda hot. Aaaaah the joy of Netflix!! Great to reminisce about the good ol' days.

    I thought Dawson was whiny & didn't really get into it.

    Have a great weekend!!! xoxo Pam

    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  15. HEHE! You are the bestest for getting me hooked on this show again! I used to watch the reruns from when I was 11 or 12! I miss this show!
    I'm totally shocked all of the amazing 70s music I never noticed before! But all of the lines and kisses still seem familiar. ;)
    I love the savage brothers too! Both shows were gems!
    oh and I've never seen Dawson's Creek. Not even one episode.

  16. I LOVED THE WONDER YEARS and I definitely didn't like Dawson's Creek even though I loved Pacey. Joey and Dawson were too annoying. Then again I was all about Charmed/Buffy. Yup. Weird me.

    Love the blog :)

  17. Dawson's creek was fake and cheesy and drama drama drama

  18. Oh my gosh! I remember watching the Wonder Years too! But I was definitely too young to understand it. But I think I've probably seen every episode of Boy Meets World & my ultimate favorite: FULL HOUSE! haha. And no, I couldn't stand Dawson's Creek! I got into Buffy for a little while but other than that....

    Loved this post! Hope you have a great weekend! :)
    <3 Jess


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