The new do!

Bet you didn't recognize me, right? Ha! Okay, very minor minor changes...although I think I lost about a 1lb of scalp skin from my head...sorry...TMI..Lily told me it wasn't normal to have your scalp peel after a dye job...It's not, right? Oh wells... Anywho...  I'm taking this new head of hair over to an evening BBQ on Saturday and to Lovey's Grammy's house on Sunday.(Lordwilling) Looking forward to it! How about you? Where are you taking your faces this weekend?

Hope it's great!


  1. I like the blue!! I'd try a different dye next time since that one made your scalp peel. That just sounds painful!!

  2. That's weird. I've never heard of scalps peeling after a dye job. Maybe it is normal though? It looks awesome either way!

  3. This looks cute! I like the blue color. Hope your grammy likes it!

  4. You are gorgeous!! Have a fun BBQ!!! I will be enjoying thanksgiving dinner (canadian) lol

  5. Cuuuute! You look like a super hero! in a totally awesome way obviously!
    (I've never had the scalp peeling trouble after dying though, odd)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend sweets! :) xxxx

  6. Awesome hair!!! It totally looks worth losing all that scalp :)

    Today is a horrible rainy mess... which is good because I need to stay inside and study!!!

  7. that is one fun do... love it! so cute! XO

  8. It's my first time at your blog so I don't know what your hair looked like before, but I'm jealous. Your hair is gorgeous. Totally digging the blue.

  9. Looks cool! I love the photo with the nose ;)

    Thank you for your lovely comment, I just really enjoyed reading it.

    Love, Lily
    lonely afternoon

  10. Oh my goshh I love it :O
    is so fantastic super duper like it :O

  11. Love the blue in your hair- so adorable! :D Hope you had a great weekend!

    starcrossedsmile knits
    star-crossed smile

  12. I'm jealous I can't ever do fun things to my hair because of my strict 9-5 day job :(

    I love the blue tip hair, its fun to see you be able to do all these new & interesting changes. From the feathers & sequins a few months back to your blue tip now. Awesome!!!

    Headed to your photoblog. Hope there are new pics.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC/

  13. It looks lovely, girl! I am in the mood to dye mine... but I ALWAYS do black and blue. Need to be more adventurous. ;)


  14. ah i love this. sooo fun :) and you look adorablllleee

  15. i'm enormously into your new colored bit!!! so fun to experiment like that and does it ever look great lades. you rock it total! xoox ♥

  16. ahh. i LOVE it! i did teal once about this time last year. we must be hair soulmates. it looks really good on you. really. you're making me jealous.


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