My Birthday Post. Finally.

Well, it's been months since my birthday and I figured it's safe to post what I did on the actual day and not the pretend one I made up to get potential identity thiefs off my tracks...

It was a pretty magical day!  My birthday fun began at work where I was greeted with balloons, gladiolas, chocolate milk, candy, gum (LOVE) and later a trip to our local Cheesecake Factory for lunch! (I had a salad and the best strawberry shortcake my boss's money could buy.  It was delicious!) After work I went home and made plans with my parents, sisters, and their kids to meet at our local park for some outdoor family fun (It's the simple things that make me happy!) Plans got a little confused and nobody showed up until about 1 hour to sunset. (Boo!) But we made the most of it by playing Chinese jump rope, kickball, and eating greasy take out in the fading sunlight. (Uh... Can you say sheer, unadulterated bliss???) Once the mosquitoes made their unwelcome rounds we made our way back home for some birthday pies and presents. Nothing is better than ending a birthday surrounded by Lovey and my familia! I'm so blessed!

PS. Did you ever play Chinese jumprope? You know, the kind made out of rubber bands? If so, what was your technique?


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR:) what a fun day it sounds like you had! kickball!! yes!! and don't you just love sweet co-workers:) you certainly deserve the best.

  2. yay happy late birthday haha greasy food= BEST unadulterated fun a girl could ask for :) yay!

    Lovely Little Rants

  3. Woohoo! Fun filled day!

    p.s. What is Chinese Jumprope?!?!?!

  4. Well I do love you! So...I belatedly happily celebrate the day of your birth! Love you, Sweetie...your still a young un! :) Hearts, janna lynn

  5. Sounds lovely. Happy belated birthday!



  6. I love that you made up a birthday! Looks like you had a lovely real one :)

  7. Happy late looks like it was quite lovely. I really love the Cheesecake Factory and their million page menu, only I can never quite decide what to order. I want to just say: one of everything. Nom Nom Nom.

  8. well Happy Belated Birthday janette!!! (i hope that identity thief is off your tail!) Sounds like your day was pretty swell...loved your photos capturing the sweet little bday gifts, lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (oh i can't believe it's been a couple years since I've enjoyed a meal and cheesecake from there! the shortcake looked amazing) and Chinese jump rope!! Glad you had a great evening with your family :)

    PS - you seem like such a sweetheart :) I caught up on your last few posts...and I loved getting to know you a bit better through your Q&A vlog! Amen to Mickey D's. I'm all about the mcdouble. please tell me you've tried their Cinnamelts...if not, you most definitely should get on that :) And I love that you & your sweetheart's superhero power would be hospitality :) you totally would create world peace!! love it :)

  9. hooray for birthdays, candy and comments from new people on my blog!! ;) thanks for stopping by and leaving me some love, hunn. :)
    p.s. don't forget about my GIVEAWAY!

  10. birthday memories are a rockin'! what an awesome re-cap from your swell day - outstanding good times even if it did get started a little late. i immediately got a rash at mere thought of my upcoming age turner though, will you hold my hand as i descend into the depths of elderly? ; )

    a trip with you to that Cheesecake Factory might help too!!!! xoox ♥


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