Memory Lane: Las Vegas Dinner

So I've decided to start a new "feature" here in Jongleurville titled Memory Lane (I know, I know. Cheeseball title that requires further brainstorming) The concept is coolcakes (in my opinion) and I encourage you to participate! Here's the gist.  I shall be digging through my digital files in search of old photos and then sharing some significant and happy, gem-like memories from my past. This will serve two purposes. 1.) This feature will become my online digital scrapbook of sorts. and 2.) You will get to know the "pre-jongleur, pre-blog" Janette a little bit better... I'm all about it!

Sooo...Lets get this show on the road....

My first entry is from 2005. (I think) At the time my brothers were training to be pilots and in an attempt to rack up "practice hours" they often flew to nearby places for lunch and dinner dates. Anywho. This particular time we (my besterest childhood friend and I) were invited to Las Vegas. I called Melissa and asked her if she wanted to go... and she said summertime would be the best time to go to Vegas...And I interjected with, "No girl... I meant for dinner... Tonight!" (Ahh my sweet jet setting days!) So we took off (no pun intended) around 5pm and had dinner at the Monte Carlo...And after dinner we walked around for about an hour before we headed home. Oh sweet bliss!
Highlight: People at the airport were following us and trying to figure out if we were celebrities (since we arrived in the small aircraft terminal). lol Yeah.. Not with the outfit I'm wearing. What the heck was I thinking????!!!
Lowlight: The flight. My brothers only had  a few months of practice under their belts... SCCCARRRY much???!


I encourage you to start your own Memory Lane featurette on your blog...Why? Cause happy memories are fun to remember and share with others!

Happy Monday friends,


  1. Ah, this is awesome! Love it! Great pics! xxx

  2. love this new series! and what a FUN dinner date! it reminds me of the bachelor, where the producers always arrange for the couples to go on these lavish plane rides to go eat supper:) it's fun to live like a celebrity for a little while!

  3. I love the idea of memory lane and your pictures are awesome! Also, I've never seen the Wonder Years series, I'll definitely have to give it a try!

  4. This is a great idea for a post! And that sounds like an awesome memory! What a fun idea.

  5. hahaha awesome!! I like this idea a lot.

  6. So fun. :) I've had a similar idea on my to-do list for months now and just haven't started it yet. But I love this! And how fun that you were able to just fly to vegas for a night and play celebrity. haha! If I didn't get sick on flights- I would love that!

  7. YEAH! I love I will love the memory lane posts, for sure! :)

    There is no way you could get me on one of those planes. No siree. EEEK!

    & you look so different there! Still very cute though! No wonder everyone though y'all might be celebs. :)

  8. Completely love this :) What a great memory, too! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO (x100) much for being my 100th follower!!! You rock my world! And what an awesome blog you have, too :) I feel so lucky to have gotten such a cool 100th! Can't wait to follow along with you as well :) xoxoxo brynn

  9. I love this! The pictures are awesome, thanks for sharing. So sweet.

    Would love for you to check out my blog and follow, Let me know Ill be happy to do the same.


  10. I think your memory lane idea is swell. Man, you're just full of pleasant surprises. Its awesome that you are sharing fond memories with us while at the same time we get to know you.

    How sweet is going to Vegas just for dinner in that sweet ride. I mean it sure beats L.A. traffic & that long road to Vegas. (Is that a Cessna?) How does it feel to fly in a small aircraft? I can't remember my 1st time since I was only 5.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  11. No way! That would have been such an adventure!
    I'm kind of sad you don't have a picture of your brother's flying the plane though! How fun! I guess they were pretty good pilots!

  12. It sounds fun,even if your brothers only had a few months of practice under their belts!!!

  13. how cool to have a relative that can fly a plane! What an adventure that would be to go to Vegas just for a few hours.

    You should have started signing autographs in the airport!

  14. oh janette I love this feature!! and i'm most definitely going to follow your lead! :) Starting this monday...oh I'm excited!

    and how stellar that you were able to take your best friend to Vegas just for the evening to enjoy dinner?? :) what an awesome brother! And i'm glad you all were safe...*whew* :)


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