September Recap

This month I…

…made some short animations (one, starring Lovey , the other starring a colorful character at the carwash.)!!!

…had some uhh-mazing blog guests (Cara-Mia, Kait, Gentri, and Amy) do some Fall related posts.

went on vacation (Seriously, that GIF image on that post is my pride and joy!).

…came back safe and sound from vacation, and posted about it. (Exhibit A, B, C)

Yup! It was a super spectacular month. I'm so blessed!

Now time to bring on September!


  1. I'm glad you had a great month! I love those animations. Is that your voice in them?

  2. Sounds like august was an awesome month!!

  3. August sounds like fun! Hope September is just as great!!

  4. August was a great month for those of the Jongleur variety...and her readers of course! Thank you for always having the most amazing posts with the most beautiful photos and the most witty words. And thanks for making my LIFE with the creation of those HILARIOUS animations...keep 'em coming in September, please?!


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