Recap: Labor Day Weekend

Bonjour friends! Hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend (those of you who had a holiday weekend). I did! I really didn't do much, yet it was AMAAAAAZING nonetheless.. What made it so spectacular? Well, this weekend was filled with not a few favorite things: family, friends, rest, food, books, and a thunderstorm. What more could I ask for?

 Soo.... How was your weekend???

PS. That picture of my niece is quite prophetic!!! Twenty minutes after, she got hit with a baseball in the exact place her hand is. WEIRD! That sounds like a movie, huh? A scary movie. (She's ok.)

PPS. Was so excited by one of the books I read... It mentioned a jongleur more than once. WOO!


  1. What a fun blog!!! Glad I stopped by!

  2. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Your niece looks almost identical to you. Love that collage of pictures!! Enjoy the rest of this short week :)


  3. So jealous of your thunderstorms! Send some to Texas please! Looks like a fabulous Labor Day weekend :)

  4. Glad you had a fun long weekend. I spent most of mine attempting to do study whilst hanging out with my mum. Not the best way to do study but I love being with my mum!

  5. I'm glad that you had a great weekend<3 You and your niece do look quite alike. Poor thing, I bet that hurt!! I hope you have a great week<3

  6. What a fun, but restful weekend you had! I also had a nice long weekend restful weekend. Spent some time with friends, did my horse riding lesson, and watched a lot of movies on Netflix! I've been really into documentaries lately. Have a great week!

  7. What a nice weekend girlie!
    Love that pic of you and your hubs! You guys are such a cute couple!
    You will have to tell me what you've been reading!

  8. Lucky that you had an extended weekend. :)

    Anyway, your niece looks JUST like you! Twins indeed. Sorry to hear about the weird incident, though!

  9. Wowza!~ a prophetic photo and a peaceful weekend! New friends and Old friends and LOVES and storm watching! That's just grand!

    I love all the pictures. I don't love meatloaf.


  10. holy wild fly ball batman! your poor niecey : ( that smarts yo!

    loved the re-cap-tulated bits from the past while. you've been up to some real good stuff and as always i adore seeing Lovey grace the page. you two are the sweetest couple and is he growing in a bit more beard action? looks fuller in that shot, i like it! xoox ♥


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