I recently got some just-for-fun glasses. I saw a pair on Ashley from Hudson's Happenings and I wanted to have some too... Anyway, this post is not about new glasses (although the collage below may indicate otherwise...) It's actually about a vlog. Yup! If you've resided in Jongleurland for longer than 3 months,  you know  I've vlogged twice... Actually, I've vlogged about 20 times, but I never end up posting the videos because they're lengthy and discombobulated (Don't you love that word?). I  realize now that I cannot  vlog without some kind of predetermined format...But since I want to vlog, I've come up with this...

My next vlog will be a Q&A session! (Soooo original right? Ha!) Easy breezy! I think I can handle not ruining that....SO... Here's your chance to delve deeper into a Jongleur's heart and head. Go ahead... Ask me anything in the comments below and in a few days I'll vlog with my answers. Remember it can be about anything...My blog tricks, myself, my faith, marriage, photography, embarrassing moments, Lovey... ANYTHING!!! And you can certainly ask more than one question! So...fire away!

PS. If you don't want others to see your question, then by all means please email me the question to janettethejongleur(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks in advance!


  1. favorite music?
    best memory you can think of of the top of your head!
    favorite thing to thrift?
    your guilty pleasure?
    a fashion disaster that you wish you never tried?
    that one song that gets stuck in your head that you hate!
    favorite 90s cartoon?

    this might not be enough. I will try to think of some more!


  2. hmmm... my question is... Do you have any special hidden talents?? :)

    And you look FABULOUS! I miss my glasses. BUT they should be on there way back to me. I left them in my sister's car, which is now in St. Louis. haha!

    I wanna know about your faith / testimony. Also...
    What did you want to be when you were little?
    Who was your first crush?
    If your entire music collection was burning, deleted or destroyed, what ONE album would you save?
    If you and Lovey were duo superheros, what would you be called and what is your super power?

  4. Cute glasses, CUTE HAT, CUTER FACE!! So i've got loads of questions for you. But the one the most on my mind is: When are you and your hubaloo planning on having kids? Or are you not wanting any children. OR how many kids do you want. AND will our children be best friends.. Hmmmmmm. Questions questions.

  5. Weeeeee! you look beauuuutiful in your glasses - so chic! i love vlogs, but i'm just like you...i ramble and CANNOT vlog without a predetermined format. i may have to borrow your idea :)

    anywhoo, my questions are:
    If you were an animal, which animal would you be?
    What are your pet peeves?
    What is your favorite bible verse?
    Who is your favorite Star Wars character? (you know i had to ask something like that!!)

  6. You look cute in glasses! =]

    My question for you is: Have you ever eaten your chicken strips with honey? It's the only way to go. If not, please tell me in the vlog that you promise to try it! And if you hate chicken strips, count the entire question out! haha

  7. first of all, you look really adorable in those pics :)
    I tried doing vlogs but I just ramble away and go way out of the topic!! i'm still trying :):)

    I would like to know if you have done any course in photography....you really have a knack for photography!

  8. Cute glasses!

    I think a Q&A would be fun! Tell us how you met your Lovey. Would also love to hear a bit about your wedding since I'm in wedding mode. :)

  9. I have noticed in a few pics that it looks like you have blue streaks in your hair. If so, which hair dye do you use and do you like it? (Mine always washes out too fast.)

  10. Love the glasses.

    My question? Why are you so cute all the time? :) :)

    Okay...that's rhetorical.

    My real ones:
    1) What's your favorite movie?
    2) If you could take only 2 things to a deserted island, what would they be? (not including humans.)

  11. Are you from San Francisco? Ever lived there? What is it like?
    - I would have asked that even if you didn't have the Q&A thing on ;)


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