It's time for a .....FLOWCHART!

Hopefully this flowchart is self explanatory... Two things I'm concerned about since I started this blogventure:

1. Sometimes I feel like I'm running low on the creative juices and it's hard to post meaningful (to my readers, and most importantly, myself) content. Do you ever feel that way? I mean, ultimately this blog is for me, an online journal to record my own lovely moments ... But sometimes I don't feel like posting...And sometimes I do! And sometimes I feel like blogging about my favorite pair of socks... for a week straight!! But would you still read along? Uh... Not likely, right? But then again, who cares if that's all I want to blog about? Right? Right? Grr.. Blogger dilemma.

2. I find that if I don't photograph or blog, I tend not to remember things as easily. Am I really getting that old that fast? Or have I come to depend on my camera over my hippocampus? (Yes, I married a psych major.)

So if you have either of these two problems (maybe just one) send your comments my way and let me know what you think...I would looooove to hear your perspective!  As for me, I've decided that I will probably post a little less...

PS. That whole "go check your Facebook" thing was all meant in good fun. Hope you understand!


  1. I used to have the problem. I devised scheduled posts so that I wouldn't feel behind or the moment I felt compelled to write I would. It became a lot easier for me as time went on :)

  2. hahahah this is so true. amen, sista. ;)

    love, rach.

  3. it happens to me all the time but i always read other blogs and then after time i find something to write about :) loved that flowchart!

  4. Haha that is soo funny. I don't really ever run out of ideas, cause Im always buying something new to show, but I agree that blogging is a whole nother world. Sometimes I feel like I waste too much time, but its all in fun. I dont have Facebook so I'm very devoted to blogger haha.


  5. Haha, I know the feeling. How about an alphabet series? That's what I came up with to help me when inspiration failed. ALTHOUGH... currently I'm stuck on something to write about for the letter 'C'... any thoughts?!

    I LOVE reading old blog posts and seeing what I got up to. It's like being back in the moment. If ever I feel like not blogging, I try and remember that I'm doing this for posterity's sake!

  6. I'm right there with you. I've been posting less because if I force myself to blog, it's not fun anymore. But then you feel an obligation to all your readers...ahhh, it's a vicious cycle.

  7. I try not to force an entry if I can't come up with anything. I tend to post more photos when I don't have much to write about, but I do like to post the things I may not remember on my own. Nature inspires me the most I think.. so winter entries tend to be a lot more mellow and sometimes depressing! haha

  8. totally, sometimes I feel like I wait on posting to see if I get more comments on my current post so it doesn't look lame with one or two... isn't THAT lame?

  9. Oh! Keep it up, Janette! You and all of your bloggy material are loved so much!

    Just remember, this is for YOU most importantly. If people don't like it, they can leave. So you should totes write about whatever tickles your fancy. :) I think the best readers are the ones that you cultivate friendships with anyways (ahem ahem, like MOI!), and those folks are always going to be visiting...because those folks are your fraaaaands. So get to typing. Tomorrow...or the next day...or take a short break and come back and write about your socks. ;) teehee.

    You rock, Janette the Jongleur. :D

  10. Been there! And you know it! Pretty sure we've talked about it! I haven't been feeling it all week!
    I haven't had time to edit photos for my blog because I haven't had time to edit the ones from my photoshoots! It's lame, but Instagram is the easiest blog post for me and usually the most fun. I'm kind of ok with that an I love seeing yours too! Don't give up, but take a much needed break if you need to. I find that the more I'm aways sometimes, the more I will have something to post later!

    Take care and rest up soul sista!

  11. bahaha! i remember the last time i created a flow chart for work and the thing went on and on. a lotta flow eventually leads to some harmony hopefully ; )

    yours is awesome lades!!! as far as your content is concerned, i love it all! thing is, when you develop a "relationship" with friends (like you) it doesn't matter if socks are the focus of the week or what you shove down the garburator. it's all good in my opinion cos i like YOU and read along to become closer, in a way, to what's going on in your mind and life.

    i haven't experienced the lack of insp yet, but that being said what i post about might not resonate with everyone. i just go with the moments and gosh i've got folders upon folders of saved stuff to draw from for a variety of "oh ya, gotta write about that" moments. i do rely a lot on my photos for memory recall though. it's a rad resource for sure.

    from a real ol' bloggin' biddy to a youngin' don't fret about loosing your marbles cos you might not remember what was on the plate last night for dinner. the world these days is so filled with exposure to mass amounts of input that we can't possibly keep up with it all. besides, the most important things in life are always there at the forefront of our minds, as it should be. you're doing just fine love! a little less posts = way less pressure/stress. good on ya! xoox ♥


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