A friend from church let me borrow a few books over Labor Day weekend.  I'm a sucker for books in general but only tend to read if someone lets me borrow some. I was pretty much determined to finish them before Saturday (tomorrow) which is when I see her again... And I  finished! Wooo!  Those of you who can devour books in a day know this was accomplished by reading while I cooked,  brushed my teeth, and late into the night with my little book light for company. Quite a feat, I'd say!

Now where book reviews are concerned... I'm quite lazy . I don't like summarizing stuff... All I can tell you is whether I liked them and then politely direct you to the book's website. With that said, they were all okay. I learned a lot. But there were lots of things I didn't like about the style, content, etc. However, I'd still recommend all four titles...And before I forget... Here are the websites for the books: Dr. Laura's Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands / Rashi's Daughters Series.

I would be sooo grateful if you would kindly recommend some books for me to read while we're on the subject... Thanks in advance and have a happy weekend friends!


  1. Holy moly you are a speedy reader! I am not much into reading. BUT when I do pick up a book that I get sucked into I don't put it down until it is finished. Hahah. I'm sure all the books i've read in my life you've already read. haha. So I can't be much help on the recommendations. ;) Have a nice weekend!

  2. I looooooooove to read!! I don't know what kind of book you prefer, but you could try reading the "great and terrible beauty" series. I don't love the end of the last book (kind of weird to recommend books with a bad ending) but the rest of it is pretty good. I recently recommended them to my sister and she loves them. So maybe you will too. :)

  3. Have you read Redeeming Love??? Because if you haven't I urge you to read it ASAP!

  4. Jeanette Walls memoir The Glass Castle is one of my favorite books of all time. Amazing.

  5. i love the title of the laura schlessinger book(s)!! did she used to be on the radio or something?

    there's a huge sale on at chapters (don't know if they have those in the states if you are in the states) on all of those traditional books (i.e. jane austen titles etc).

    but books i recommend are: (these are my all time favourites!!)

    the slap by christos tsiolkas
    fall on your knees by ann marie macdonald
    prep by curtis sittenfled

    and i recently read and enjoyed "after the fall" by kylie ladd

    let me know if you read any of them as i just LOVE to talk about those books!

  6. I love reading too! If I'm reading a good book, I can finish it in a day (if that's all I do).

    One of my favorite books is called All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. It's partly a romance, and riding horses across Texas into Mexico, and takes place in 1949. Not sure if it's your style of reading, but just thought I'd share :)

  7. "The excellent wife" by Martha Pace

    "shopping for time" by carolynn Mahaney

    I'll think of more. Now I am reading a lot for school so some of the books are depressing. Those two I found at my church's bookstore and they're awesome!

  8. if you like fiction and big novels you can read "The Idiot" by Fedor dostoievski, I loved it!

    OHHHH! another one A-MA-ZING! "The book thief" by Markus Zusak. MUST READ/ It's in the teen section of any bookstore but do not be deceived, it's incredible literature!!! Markus also wrote a funny and cute novel called "I am the messenger" diff from "the book thief" but I laughed at loud.

  9. I love reading too!! But now I usually read ebooks on my iphone lol

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  10. my gosh Janette, you are one fast reader! books take me so long to finish usually and since i don't read all that often i get out of practice. gotta get it in gear and choose 1 to delve into soon. that "proper care" one looks like brilliance : )

    i do have a rec for ya though, it's called Sophie's World and i LOVED it. philosophical and ingenious portrayal. xoox ♥

  11. WOW! You speedy reader, you! :) I guess it's much easier to devour a book without a toddler hanging on your leg. HA. :) I do my reading in the bathroom...privacy is key.

    Here is my recommendation: The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. It's the most wonderful book. Historic fiction at it's finest!

  12. Ok is that a pic of you? Because the hair...omg...beautiful. Thanks for the recommendations! I don't go through books that quickly but I like adding some to my 'must read' list. I'll get there...eventually. Ha!

  13. I can recommend Rafik Schami.

    (For some reason I can't make this a link, so you'd have to copy and paste - sorry).

    I don't like to summarize either, it would just give you a wrong impression about the book. All I can say is, I really like it (I have read it in German, though), and I think it is different to lots of other books out there.
    Many stories in one story :)

    Lily xx
    Lonely Afternoon

  14. I also love to read. I recommend:

    Suits: A Woman on Wall Street - by Nina Godiwalla

    Keys to the Castle - by Donna Ball

    Someday My Prince Will Come - by Jerramy Fine


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