Fall Must Dos!

Here's my Fall must-do list... I was pretty successful when it came to my summer to-do list. so I thought I'd give it another go with this season... (I failed miserably at the friendship bracelet making...What's wrong with me?! Girl scouts can make those with their eyes closed!! Boo!) Anywho! I do not plan on failing on any facet of my Fall list...I know, it's not very ambitious, but it's all stuff I'm looking forward to...

So what's on your Fall to-do list????? Tell me! Tell me!

PS. Happy Monday!!!


  1. What a great list for fall! I can't make friendship bracelets either. I failed. My fall list includes... My blogger party (that is first, let's hope we can pull this off), go to a festival, make pumpkin cookies (easy, I do that multiple times a year), and a Halloween party (because I am so not a partier)

  2. That's a great list! I need to get some boots too and clean out my closet at some point. Last year I tried hard to find pumpkin spiced latte (because the blog world was making me crave one!) but they are really not very common in the UK not many places sell them atall so I'm gonna probably try and make my own this year :) x

    Oh by the way there's a giveaway on my blog started today :)

  3. Oh p.s. Thanks for your super sweet comment on my sketching post! You're so kind! :) xx

  4. I want some boots too... I should've bought them last end of winter so it was cheaper... I am thinking, also, in buying some cute sandals, once everything summery goes on sale...

  5. OK!! I love your list! Especially the tea party! I would be all over that! Plus I want to see those trees!

    My must do's are to visit the Maize and the apple orchard. Both hopefully happening soon. I think I'm going to leave it at that. Nothing too complicated.

    p.s. I recieved your package and I'm SO DARN EXCITED! I can't believe what a doll you are! I'm going to frame it soon! Thanks so much! I didn't get to take a photo to share yet, but I will!
    Thanks so much sweet friend!!

  6. Oh nice! Sounds good, hope you can do all of that. I want to clean out my closet, too. I need to, actually.

    And I'm pretty sure you already know my fall to do list. :D

  7. Oooh great list! Drinking something pumpkin spiced is definitely on my list! I almost grabbed one at the Starbucks in the grocery store the other day, but I don't usually drink coffee.

    P.s. I was a girl scout for 5 years and never tried making a friendship bracelet with my eyes closed :) But I bet I could

  8. Great list!!! Your Fall list will inspire me to maybe do a summer one, I'll check out your summer list and see what I can steal :)

  9. Nice list! I miss fall. I moved to a place where all we get is summer throughout the whole year. Pooey. Oh and our local Starbucks doesn't have Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Poo poo. During this time of the year I like to keep myself busy with crafts.

  10. O yeeah, I soo know this - way too lazy to style my hair in the mornings ;)
    So this might be one autumn project. Next to all the other things that I want to/need to get done all the time anyway, like cleaning up, crafty and arty projects, a lot of baking...

    Lily xx
    lonely afternoon

  11. This list is perfect! I think the only thing I would add is something about scarves. I love scarves. I also having baking on my autumn list. I want to make the standards - pumpkin bread, apple spice cake, etc. - but I also want to learn to make the perfect macaron. I think a rainy fall Saturday would be the perfect day to do that!

    (I said "perfect" a lot in this comment...)

  12. ah such a good list.. pumpkin spice lattes are definitely on mine too :) and apple picking!!! my bf just brought me a bunch of apples .. he visited his parents over the weekend and they live in the best apple picking part of new york. we're going together in a few weeks but the bessssst apples will be dunzo by then (honeycrisps!)

    so the fuji instax mini. iiiiiiii love this camera. love. i mean.. it's totally not a necessary or even practical item, but it's great. just that whole- instant thing and the fact that they prints are tiny.. i just love it. haha also i think the quality is great and it's pretty good with lighting and what not once you get the idea of how to use it!

  13. loveee this. i'm officially penning my list too.

  14. I need to sit down and write my fall to-dos as well! Tapping into my crafty side and buying new boots are definitely high on my list too. I also need to go through my closet and do a bit of reorganization and purge!

    star-crossed smile

  15. LOVE that photo of you. Now I miss my long hair! (I just cut mine back to like how it was pre-pregnancy) You keep on saying I'm beautiful. Don't forget that YOU ARE TOO! =)

  16. This is a great list! I really wanna refashion some old thrifted boots for fall! I'll let you know if I make them :-)


  17. hey there black and white photo of one of my favorite people in the world! J, is that a self shot? it's too good doll and where did you get those glasses; are they the vintage ones? love 'em!!

    oooooooooo, green's not so swell, slap some color on that there strand select, either that or koolaid can provide a quick fix in a pinch. baha ; )

    gonna be scouting for new fall boots soon too, there's so many out there that have caught my eye, can't wait to see when you find yours. inspire me some more why dontcha?! it's one of the things i love best about coming here, your crazy cool groove and style charisma practically speaks to me through the screen. xoox ♥

  18. I just want to say: YOU LOOK GORGEOUS in those spectacles, lady. Wear them always. So, basically, fulfill #3....yes yes yes.

    I just cleaned out the closets and donated...ahhhh. felt good. :)


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