Weekend Bliss

Feliz Monday Prettypies! Hope you all had a restful and memorable weekend...All refreshed and ready for the new week!!!? I am! I had thee best weekend in recent memory! A few friends, and Lovey and I went to  a magical place atop a nearby mountain. It was surreal to the umpteenth power.. Gurgling, rushing waters splashing against a shady canopy of lush, green trees?!! Yes! Please!

So what did we do in this enchanting place (beside stare with gaping mouths at the glory)?
We pretty much did nothing. Yup! We just sat around, ate, climbed a few logs, and had a sweet time of Bible study. Sigh central.Cool breezes and a merciful sun made me feel like I was on holiday all over again... a fantastic feeling indeed! It was perfect. After our time at the mountain we headed back to a friend's for a spur of the moment pool-pizza party. (Having too much fun to photograph that!) Ah! I'm so thankful for such a beautiful weekend... 
What did you do this weekend??

Janette rates this weekend a 10. 

PS. Can you see Lovey resting on that rock in the middle of the stream? What. A. Lovey!


  1. The mountains are my favorite place to be. :)

  2. What a beautiful place! I would love to do a Bible study in a place like that. And a the spur of the moment pizza pool party sounds awesome. I wish I had a pool just so I could do that anytime. I absolutely love the picture with the book!

  3. I wish I lived in California! I love everything about it! What a gorgeous place<3 you are a very lucky lucky girl! hehe. I hope you have a great week!

  4. I loooove the collage! what a nice place!

    do you use photoshop for your pics? I used to be very good at it when I had a desktop and then I got my hubby's laptop and it didn't work well... anyway, it inspires me to work on pictures myself.

    question 2, where is that place?

    answer one: I had a great weekend too! we celebrated my bro in law's 26th by the pool on friday night with a bunch of friends from church and family. We spent the night at our in laws and the next day went out to lunch, washed the car with my hubby and chilled, chilled, chilled. Sunday we went to church, lunch with in laws and bro in law, then we drove up to Seal Beach, were we live, and I took a walk down main street in Seal Beach, we bought some accesories and stuff and then met the boys at Beachwood bbq, THE hang put spot in SB. No, we usually don't go out to dinner that much but this weekend we got spoiled!!

    comment 1: love the bible study. It's so encouraging to find people that love God and they're not afraid to show it :)

    comment 2: thanks for the post on my blog!

  5. That place looks BEAUTIFUL!! Everyone (and by everyone, I mean you and Gentri) have posted beautiful photos of mountains and general loveliness. I hate the great outdoors but all these photos have made me want to get out and explore it all.

  6. Can I go there please?! Like today?! What a sweet spot! So glad you had a great weekend friend!

  7. I love these photos! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. I can hear the water and breeze through the trees when I look at these pics ♥


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