Remember when I talked about how much I missed my bestie Val?  Well, she's back from her trip and came home with a nice tan and bearing lots of goodies for me! Ok. Ok. It wasn't just me.... She brought stuff for all our friends (She's so generous!!). I'm just grateful she thought of me all the way from across the world. Makes me feel special and loved!! Thanks V!

She also got me this  little, apron looking thing for wine bottles and such.. It's seriously cuute! (not pictured)
Do you like getting souvenirs? Lovey sort of doesn't. He says that it's weird to have stuff from a place he's never been. He rather not get anything, I think.... What. A. Lovey.

Happy Tuesday friends!

PS. Reading news from the  Irene aftermath. Superrrrr sad. Praying for those affected...


  1. That's how my parents are. They don't care unless they've been there. Then they buy a ton. haha! I love souvenirs. Whether I've been there or not. What a sweet friend to get you those awesome gifts!

  2. aren't care packages just the best? you've got a special friend, that's for certain. a wine bottle apron sounds like the best thing ever created.

  3. Oh man! really cute gifts! I love getting souveniers! We should do a souvenier swap! Wouldn't that be fun? Maybe next month. maybe.

    I heart that snoopy shirt!

  4. Cute! That's such a nice friend. :)

  5. What a wonderful friend! I LOVE souvenirs. I love just getting things...from anywhere...or anyone. ;)

    Love those shirts!! CUTE!

  6. Yay, love being reunited with a BFF... esp when there are PRESENTS involved :)

  7. I remember you saying you're going to miss her. Seems like she's been gone a long time! Yay for souvenirs!


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