Photo Femme: Breeanna of A Brilliant Melody

Happy Monday Prettypies! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Back to the grind, eh? I personally had a blahhh night... I'm not feeling too well, yet I thought I'd attempt to bring you (and me) some chipperness and sunshine by posting another sweet edition of Photography Femme Force. For those of you who are new round these parts, PFF is a series that features photographers talking about their magical captures. (Basically we all get the opportunity to poke around some awesome camera bags and hard drives for a bit.) It's one of my favorite series on my blog. Anywho! This time around Breeanna of A Brilliant Melody joins us to shed light on her amazing snaps.

Breeanna! I think you're awesomecakes and not just because you're a fellow SoCaler! I’m so excited to have you in Jongleurville and looking forward to looking into your photographic arsenal...Thanks for participating! Now before I jump into the meaty questions… Lets get the basics out of the way first… What kind of camera & lens(es) do you use?

Thanks Janette for inviting me over to your fabulous blog home! I use the Nikon D90 and I have two lenses (but hopefully more will be in my future). I use a 50mm f/1.4 & 18-105mm f/3.5. The 50mm is my favorite lens to use, especially when taking pictures of family and friends. It creates such soft edges and is fabulous in low-light.


What photo editing software (if any) do you use? And what are your go-to actions?

To edit my photos I use either iPhoto, Picasa, or Picnik Premium (only $25 for a whole year!) I can’t afford Photoshop at this time, so until then, I find those others very useful. To fix up a photo I usually adjust the exposure and contrast. Depends on the look I’m going for.


I love that you capture so much of what's around you... Your home, your pups, and your hometown.. What subject is your favorite to photograph?

I absolutely love capturing my puppies because they pose so well and are so beautiful! They are basically our children, so I love having photos to keep for memories. I also love to photograph anything vintage and antique (especially buildings!).


Have you taken any photography classes in the past? Or would you like to?

I have not taken any photography classes. I did sell cameras at Best Buy for a year, which helped me learn a lot about cameras. I pretty much taught myself by always having my camera in manual mode. I also considered majoring in photography, but my love for psychology won that battle. In a few weeks, I’ll be attending a seminar on using natural light in portraits, so excited!

Do you shoot professionally? If not, have you considered it?

Wish I could say yes, but I don't. It is a dream of mine to be able to shoot professionally. I would love to do portraits and possibly even weddings, but before then, I need lots and lots of practice!


You have a cute Etsy shop(West Meadow Vintage) up and running... Do you have any tips on product photography? Or can you share about your experience taking pictures of what you sell?

When shooting products for my Etsy shop, I try to capture the product as it really looks. I don’t like to use flash, because it can wash out color and details, so I use indirect sunlight in my house. I also like to put the item next to something to make the photo more interesting. While people are shopping, why not give them something nice to look at too!


What are your top 3 “if-money-were-no-object” items on your photo wish list?

Oh man, if I could have any camera, I would want a full frame DSLR like the Nikon D3s. Just amazing! I’ve also always wanted a speedlight flash, and then a telephoto lens like the Nikon70-200mm f/2.8 would top off my list.


What got you interested in photography?

I think my real love for photography started when I got my first point and shoot digital camera. Being able to take a ton of photos and then deleting if I need to, really helped my creativity come out. Before that I had always used film, but never saw it as an art form. Now I use photography to capture the beauty around me so others can see it through my eyes. It’s become a way of expressing myself and how I see the world. After buying my DSLR last year, my interest for it has now blossomed into a passion.

And now to add to the furious and endless debate…. Canon or Nikon?

When it comes to point and shoot cameras, I have to say Canon is the winner. The little Canon I had went with me everywhere, and took quick and clear photos. When speaking of DSLRs, my opinion would be Nikon, but I have never used a Canon, so maybe I don’t know what I’m missing!


There you have it folks! Isn't she brilliant?! I think so!  Check out her blog, A Brilliant Melody.

All images borrowed courtesy of Breeanna.


  1. This is my favorite feature over here too, Janette!
    Loved all of Breeanna's photos! Both puppy pics are sooo good! I love them! And the barn photo is so gorgeous!

  2. Yay, it turned out so great! By the way, that last picture is taken from the Eiffel tower, just to add a little french accent to your blog :)

    I hope you take it easy and feel better today!

    Thanks again for inviting me over to your wonderful space :)

  3. Yay! Love her! The both of you are so fabulous! Sorry you've had a bummer week. I can completely empathize. I actually started the month out this morning with a speeding ticket... here's to hoping that is the end of our terrible terrible luck!

  4. awe Breeanna is such a doll! loved this and puppeh poses really are the best above the rest. there's just something about the puddle eyes they flash that do me in with heart melts. great post packin' flava!

    boo to the blaahs though J, i know you got it all handled now though. a holiday plan always takes those away one, two punch styles! ♥


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