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OK, so this is officially my last vacation post and probably the most detailed account of this adventure to date... Some of you may recall that Lovey has been talking for a longggg time about moving to Northern California. He's a mountain man, my Lovey. Anywho. When we first told my parents that we were planning on moving, they were saddened, naturally. I'm their favorite and most cherished child, ya know? ;-)Yet we figured perhaps the blow wouldn't be so bad if we personally took them to preview our "someday soon" hometown. They agreed to go with us and so we set a date and booked our hotels.

We headed out on a mild, pre-dawn morning in a car with un-reclinable seats (Thee worst kind of seats known to mankind! No lie!). Grrrr. Despite the hellish seats, the hours flew by and we had two hours to arrive at our first stop (San Francisco). But at the second to the last minute we decided to cut through to the Pacific Coast Highway to tour some of California's coastline. It was beeeeeeautiful! But... we added about 8 hours to our road trip. Was it worth it? TOTALLY!

After our scenic, coastline drive, we arrived in a dreary and chilly San Francisco. No treat there! I wept a little inside actually, because I only packed 1 fleece sweater  and some shorter sleeved jackets. (Boo!) Actually, we all under packed. (Isn't it sunny and 85 degrees everywhere in CA?) . My poor daddy was chilled to the core, but he was such a trooper! He never complained! Unlike Mom and I.

We spent the night in an overpriced Days Inn, soaked in the sights, and then drove to El Dorado County the next afternoon. On the way to our next hotel, we saw a few sleepy cowboy towns and lots of vengeful mosquitoes. What did a jongleur ever do to offend such fierce little specks of hatred?!!! I got 18 mosquito bites within the course of an hour!!! Uh... Itchy central? Yup!  I was a little miserable. Yet thankful I encountered 18 mosquitoes and not 18 bears...(Always looking on the bright side!)

The days following consisted of daydreaming of Calamine lotion baths, hiking, eating, visiting Lake Tahoe and driving through scary , twisty, deer stocked, mountain roads...  We almost hit a doe at one point, but Lovey used his masterful, mountain man ways to swerve out of harms way. Praise the Lord! That was probably thee scariest moment of the trip...And we were so grateful nothing scarier than that happened...(ie No bear sightings! Wee!!) A blessed trip indeed!! Thanks to all who prayed for our safety!

Here are the last set of snaps...

My parents are such troopers. They're great people to travel with!


  1. gahhh! all the architecture is UNREAL. fantastic photographs!

    x The Pretty Secrets

  2. oh the "fun" of roadtrips! Haha! just a few bumps in the road on your otherwise amazing trip! Hope you guys really did have a great time. The photos are so lovely!

  3. I'm so jealous of your roadtrip!!! It looks like you guys had a great time despite the less than stellar weather! Hope your parents ended up seeing the light and love your new 'home' :)

  4. Glad you didn't run into any bears! We have tons of deer around here and from around now through next April we will see bunches who met with people who didn't have your Lovey's amazing prowess with the wheel.

    I love the coastline and one of these days we will visit Cali and take a few days to go up the coastline. I love the buildings that look like they are straight out of either Europe or early Cali days. Gorgeous.

    I'm glad you all are safe and that you had such great travel companions.


  5. this sounds like such a fun trip. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. best of luck to your possible new life of hunting and shooting and roughing it. i'm sure you'll learn to love it too.

  6. Fun fun! There is NOTHING like the California coastline. So amazing. I love northern California, but I'm not sure if I could live there... I get cold WAY too easily. It's annoying. But I do love visiting it - hence San Francisco is our chosen Honeymoon spot. Love your photos!

  7. Gorgeous pictures, my dear! You parents are awesome for trekking cross country with you. So glad you didn't encounter any bears either! :)

  8. That sounds like so much fun! America is the best place to go for roadtrips, my dream is to rent one of those old-fashioned huge American cars and go on a cool trip across the States!

    xx L

  9. Boo for unexpected cold! :( Did I spy your little parents in one of those pics? They look adorable. So glad they were able to join you....memories made, for sure!

  10. how could the weather rear it's ugly head at you all that way?! i mean whatever SF, you used to be in my good books but now you teeter on a slippery slope! awe J, the tales grew into quite an escapade. glad the bears were no where to be seen, good for you to take the coastline. we've done that drive and it's gorgeous!!!

    love your photos, as always and especially the black and whites. nice touch, a little different and i like! has it really been so long since i was last here? gosh lades, sorry for the MIA status. oh and your prezzy shipped out last week!!!! i hope the cross border traveling is smooth and it arrives safe and sound soon. xoox ♥

  11. mmm.. northern california is practically perfect. your pictures nicely captured its splendor.


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