I miss Val.

My bff, Val, is on vacation.... I miss her!

And you guys should watch this Kittens video (Kittens Inspired by Kittens) if you haven't seen it. A source of many an inside joke 'round here...

PS. Check out more of Val & I on my blog series Breakfast with Valery. 
PPS. See you soon Val! (Lordwilling!)
PPPS. Speaking of vacation...I'm going on one next week!


  1. Thank you for such a beautiful comment on my blog! :-)
    This post is soooooo cute!
    How do you get the lovely style of fonts, etc?
    I am always curious about how people do lovely things
    on their blogs.
    XXX to you! Hope to hear from you again. Emily

  2. Aww how cute! I know the feeling of missing a good friend. Yay for vacation! You deserve it! Did you find enough people to guest post while you're gone?

  3. She looks sounds like such an awesome friend!
    Hope y'all get to hang out before you leave!

  4. Aww. Besties are the Best.

    & I love Fiddler on the Roof, too. Did you know that? I wrote a post about seeing it last fall, but that may have been before we were bloggy besties. ;)


    p.s. where are you going?! I better see lots of instagram action on the vacay.

  5. a bestie who's a hairstylist too?! what a score! you two are all kinds of cute - i can see you've gotten up to some pretty fine mischief together. what would we do without our best buds? hope she's back soon so you can make more memories together. and kitteh vid is a howl and a half. xoox ♥


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