Hello again!

Well friends, I'm back and it's good to be home!! I've actually been back since this weekend, but I needed a few days to get out of vacation mode, you know? Anywho! Over the next few days (actually, probably just tomorrow) I'll be sharing some captures from the different places I visited.... Where did I go? San Francisco and Lake Tahoe!  (And some magical places in between!)

It took me a few days to put this post together because I only had 1, 300+ pics to work with. [Insert chuckle that fades into a sigh] I wish I could say I was sifting through gem-like, jaw dropping captures, but I simply wasn't. This vacay totally bummed me out (photographically speaking). More on that later..

Here are some snaps from the first 2 days...

Would also like to take this time to thank my guest posters, Cara-Mia, Kait, Gentri, and Amy. You gals did a great job! If you haven't already,  please check out their Fall inspired posts. 

PS. My blue and purple highlights faded, hence the awkward piece of hair in that last picture. It was superrr noticeable in the sun. Seriously. It was my hair and not a squirrel and or a furry rodent that resembles a squirrel. Bahahahaha!


  1. I was totally about to ask you what is in your hair. ;) I think it looks pretty, though....kind of like a highlight. Or a feather.

    Your pics look AMAZING! So many cool places! I want to see more & more & more, PLEASE?!

  2. Hi Janette! Welcome back. Glad you had a fun time vacationing in your home state. I share the same sentiments about California. We love it there, we even contimplated on moving one day. Such a beautiful scenic place. Photos are magnificent, can't wait for more.



  3. hahaha! It looks like a feather to me! Lovely pictures! Can't wait to see more! and Thank YOU for letting me guest post!

  4. Heeeey! Welcome back! Sounds like a great trip! Look forward to seeing more pics. :) xx

  5. Gorgeous pictures! San Fran and Tahoe are seriously my 2 most favourite places!! I haven't been there in a couple years though:( I'm thinking a disneyland trip is in store this fall too! & maybe a meet up?? haha. I hope your doing great!

  6. Oh nice pictures! Loving it. Can't wait to see more!

    And I was so happy to guest post for you. :)

  7. yay you're back! We've all missed you :)

    Taking pictures is so fun, but I know the feeling of going through a million photos. Sometimes it's exhausting!

    That unexpected meadow made me smile, so pretty :)

  8. Welcome back! Can't wait to hear more about your trip to two of my fave places in California! (Sonoma rounds out the top 3) :)

  9. California is so, so, so beautiful! I always say that one day I am going to live there. You did such a good job sharing the pictures. They look so cool!

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out the blog that I just started with my sister and follow us back!

    Also, check out the giveaway we are doing for a Tiffany & Co. necklace!!



  10. boooo, blogger just signed me out as i was about to post and lost my comment. trying again:

    for one thing, you could never post too many pics of this amazing trip. even if you did have to brave the photo count to begin (and what a whack that was!) you are a sure fired trooper to nail down some solids here. loved the instagrams too, they are the cheap and cheerfuls but always give me excited eyes to see.

    i knew i could count on you to share the SF travels so i could ogle at the wonders you actually saw. it's all so fun and you really suit the color purple. um, i was gonna edit that b/c it sounds like the book title but whatevs, it's true : )

    way to rock the fade, it's actually pretty and gives this edginess vibe. i like it!

    happiness you're back on da bloggin' block lades, the guest post showcases were most enjoyed too. those ladies are all swells!!! happy weekend. xoox ♥

  11. your state is so beautiful! I keep telling the hubs that I'm sure we would have a place to stay if we ever visit! ;)


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