Guest Post: Gentri Lee

Hello Janette's fabulous readers!

My name is Gentri and I am from my little bloggy- Gentri Lee. While Janette is off having a wooooonderful vacation, I am going to tell you about my favorite season- Autumn. :)

There are many reasons why Autumn would be the best.... Here are the top 10. I am going to try REALLY hard and not get excited for it because I have barely had a Summer yet! The winter lasted so long here this year (darn you Winter!) and I spent a month and a half of my Summer in Alaska... So, no getting excited for me!

1. The Boots. Um, yes. Definitely the BOOTS!
2. The COLORS!
3. The Food! Pumpkin Cookies top that list. Yup, sure do. Followed closely by Soup and Cider. Yuuuuum.
4. It's Harvest time! I love having fresh veggies from my dad's garden! So yummy! The pumpkins we have growing are especially fun and Autumn appropriate. :)

Here are the reasons that I don't have pictures for. Lame! I know.

5. The clothes in general! Best season for clothing- hands down
6. The crisp cool air (making it possible to wear those cute clothes)
7. All of the exciting Harvest festivals and parties
8. The food... Yes, it deserves two spots.
9. Anticipation of the Holiday Season!
10. Vacations! We always took our family vacations in the Fall because that's the "off" season for travel, so everything is cheap and no crowds! Woot woot! (and trust me, I would know this. I worked at Disney World)

I seriously would be happy if I could live somewhere that was Autumn all year long!

Thank you so much for reading! I would absolutely LOVE it if you all came to visit me at my regular spot- Gentri Lee!
And THANK YOU Janette for thinking of me to guest post! It was a blast!

P.S. I am now excited for Autumn... GAH! I couldn't help it!

Thank you Gentri! Your post totally made me get major fall-type cravings...Crunchy leaves...Brisk breezes...Jackets...Pumpkin goodies! Yummy!!! I can't wait either!
Please check out Gentri's blog...It's one of my faves! You won't regret it!


  1. Aw! Thanks so much Janette! You are the best!

  2. yay! what a lovely guest post, gentri! you and janette are two of my faves ;)

    and now i'm stoked for autumn EVEN MORE.

  3. Awwww yeah! I love me some pumpkin! Especially pumpkin pancakes!

  4. Great post! Love all the above! Especially those boots!

  5. Mmm! This makes me so excited for Autumn! I am from Phoenix, AZ where there isn't an autumn season. But now I'm in Flagstaff and I have fallen in LOVE!

  6. Oh man... I can't wait for fall either, but I think that since we just moved to Florida fall won't be the same. bummer.

    I hope you all post really awesome fall-inspired photos to your blogs, because I have a feeling I'll be craving some cooler weather and fall foods soon. ;)

  7. I am so excited for fall now, too! Too bad it is so far away from now - for me, at least.

  8. Gentri, what a splendid array of autumn goodness. it's my fave season too and can't wait till it begins. we haven't had the best summer either so i'm feeling like it could almost start any day now. fingers crossed for us both! ♥

  9. YAY for Gentri! I agree...FALL is the BEST season of all. Yummy pumpkin spice and crisp cool air and sweaters and tights and Halloween...I LOVE IT ALL!

    Such a great guest post. I heart Gentri AND Janette!! xoxo


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