Food and Fake Drunkeness.

Here's my weekend recap! It was a dizzy doozy! That's for sure...

I feel a lot better now gang! (Thank you for your kind concern, Instagram friends!) I'm going to have to rate this weekend (on a scale of 1-10) a 6. The food and guest speaker were awesome, yet feeling sick overshadowed all the goodness.

PS. I'm gonna start rating things. I'm pretty much a fan of the 1-10 scale.
PPS. A not so secret note for Val: Hey! Jonathan kept asking for Paul. He's been asking for weeks! He's not the only one who misses you guys! Everyone asks for you! You two are loved!


  1. sounds like a good weekend all in all!
    sorry you were sick but I'm glad you are better!

    p.s. I'm a fan of you being a fan of the 1-10 scale. Just sayin. ;)

  2. Busy fun weekend for you! My weekends I usually just crash in the living room and enjoy the time off lol, but I need to get out more :)

    Sorry you weren't feeling good, that always puts a damper on fun things.

  3. Me and hubs use the 1-10 scale ALL the time! Love it:) I hope you never feel drunk again, freaky! All the food looks soooooo good though.

  4. I'm definitely behind the new scale... I give the idea a 10/10.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  5. hmmmmmm....might you be expecting a wee jongleur? (Sorry.) (I had to say it.) (But wouldn't a mini lovey-jongleur be so cute?)


  6. so much fun! and i wish i lived by palm trees - they're the best.

  7. sounds like such a fun weekend! i love pho sooo good,

  8. You ate such amazing yummy deliciousness! (Hopefully none of it was the cause for you being sick, though.)


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