Bon Voyage Prettypies!

Well friends... I'm off on my mini vacay as you can see! Yup. (Lovey and I are probably even wearing those exact outfits too!) Please pray that we have a super safe and blessed adventure! I'll be back sooner than you think but I'll still be MIA from my blog (might as well take a blog-getaway too while I'm at it!)

I have some premium prettypies lined up to guest post while I'm away. (They're gonna help me convince you that Fall is pretty much the best season ever!) So stay tuned! And if you miss me you can check me out on Instagram(@janettethejongleur) and Twitter(@janettejongleur) for some real-time vacay fun! If you don't miss me, well, then... You can check me out on Instagram anyway! Ha!!

Have a great rest of the week friends!

PS. Please pray for us! Thanks!


  1. Have a fabulous vacation! You'll be missed, but I'll see you on Instagram!

  2. Have a wonderful time! Wishing you a safe and happy journey! See you here when you get back! :) xxxx

  3. Have a great trip and stay safe!! xo

  4. How fun!!
    Wishing you a n ant trip girl!!

  5. haha. My keyboard decided not to write what I typed.
    I meant to say:: Wishing you a FUN + SAFE trip!! :)

  6. Have a safe trip!!! Hope you have a great time in SF :)

  7. have fun!! I am jealous of you and your little getaway!

  8. Have fun! Enjoy your little holiday!

  9. HAVE FUN!!!!! You deserve it!! I'll keep up with your Instagram ;)

  10. oh my gosh Janette, that photo creation is wizard! you and lovey all packed up to high heaven makes my entire week!!! happy trippin' lades, i can't wait till your return and then be able to get a look at all the sights and hopefully sounds you experienced. xoox ♥

  11. Janette! Hope that you are having a great VACAY! I've been mia from blogging AND instagram! BLECH! I caught Hudson's virus. Boooo. But I'm on the mend now, and ready to be back in the blogosphere. Can't wait to catch up with you when you return. HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!

    (( & I'll be doing some major instagram catch up tonight or tomorrow...hope to see lots of your trip! ))


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