The Beach and a Shake.

Hadn't seen my good pal Gracie in such a long time (a year, I think!) when we finally hung out (last week) we ended up going to our favorite places... The beach, the mall, Del Taco, and this awesome Persian market in Irvine. Yup. I really do love catching up with friends...
1. Cool mural on the tunnel wall...
2. The echo in here is wild! (ie Do not talk about people coming on the other end....They. Can. Hear. You!)
3. I like the beach!
4. Crystal Cove is so lovely!
5. A strawberry shake and a killer view!
6. Koi pond at Fashion Island which Gracie threatened to push me into. Ha!
7. FRIENDS! (This one guy asked us if we were sisters...Uh...No resemblance whatsoever!)
8. Shimmery fountain at Fashion Island...
9 & 10: Trying on some cool glasses I wish I would've bought... (I'll show you the ones I did get soon!)


  1. CAN I PLS JUST LIVE IN CA? I am really quite jealous of your life! & i want that shake now. <3

  2. What fun! Gosh what a beautiful place! And I love that mural!

  3. Aw! Lovely pictures!! :) I'm so excited that you found some glasses!

  4. So fun!!!
    Love these photos!!!! :-)

  5. Great pictures. Glad you had a good time catching up with your friend. Friend time is so important!

  6. woman we live close! I live in Seal Beach and used t live in Irvine, we should meet up!

  7. What a fun time!! I love catching up with friends...& beaches...& strawberry shakes.

    I tell you this daily I think...but I LOVE those glasses.

  8. awe, you and Gracie did the whole nine yards with this day spent galavanting about town. i want some Crystal Cove goodness, absolutely in dire need. beautiful girls doing awesome things makes me cheer out loud! xoox ♥


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