Another Animation: WEIRD Conversation at the Carwash

I've been waiting a week to show you this!!! (Didn't want to bombard you with two animations last week, so I delayed posting). Yes, folks! This is a true story ! (Does anyone remember me mentioning a weird conversation I just had to share a while back?) Well. This is it.. It's seriously too good to not share....


This time around, my characters are a little more legit. I'm starring as myself (voice) and the guy (voice with  pitch correction) cause it was a wee bit weird with the default fancy accents you heard in my last clip.

(I apologize in advance for the poor sound quality...)

Hope you liked it.... And if you would like to make your own animation, please visit Go Animate and sign up! It's fun AND free! Well... some of it is free....

PS. Hoping all my east coast friends fared well this weekend with that  horrible hurricane business.. My thoughts and prayers were with you....


  1. What the?! haha! he sounds greeeaaat.

  2. Hey Jan!

    First off, I got the book on Amazon, it is good but not so deep, so if you but it try to find a cheap sale, I think I bought mine for a dollar.

    Second, yes! I know Mar del Plata, it's on the sea side, 7 hours from Buenos Aires where I grew up. My grandparents own a house a couple of hours from Mar del Plata, so I went almost every summer to their house, but I think I made it MDP once or twice, it is still a beach city but more of a Buenos Aires with beach very very crowded. Ppl from there are famous cos they're a little crazy! LOL, tell your bro in law I said that hahahaha. Is he?

  3. Some people are SO WEIRD!!!!!! It's people like this that make me want to avoid awkward conversations with strangers. I've really nailed down the "avoid eye-contact contact" technique. I USED to be super friendly and now I'm just not!!!

  4. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Dude I kind of hate it when people talk to me in public.. Because a lot of times, the conversations end up like this! What a freaking weirdo!! This really made me LOL. For reals! Thanks for making my night!

  5. This is hilarious! I loved it!

  6. Haha, what an awkward weird dude! I think you handeled it well. =] I'm impressed by your sweet animation skills!

  7. BAHAHAHA! I want to talk to that dude. What a WEIRDO. This had me AND HUBBY cracking up. I'm inspired to make one...from my own TRUE awkward moment that happened last week.

    I love these animations SO SO SO MUCH! Keep it up, jongleur-animator-supreme! :D

  8. Hahahaha this is sooooo awkward! I'm laughing now, but in reality when things like this are actually happening, I cringe and get soooo uncomfortable. I usually have a really good "don't talk to me face" but sometimes a weirdo, like that guy in your convo, doesn't pick up the hints and will try to talk. Hate it.

  9. so funny girl! what a great job, how'd you do that?! i gotta investigate this site some more. it's rad and that convo is all kinds of awkward. what up wit dat?! what a way to set my evening on a high note of hilarity. cheers lades, you're always the awesomest. xoox ♥



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