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{J}California(ns). What are we known for? Surfing? Star-sighting? Perfecting the tourist trap? Plastic surgery parties? Hmm... Well, Prettypies this is a special day. Today, Breeanna of a Brilliant Melody is joining me in Jongleurville for a Co-Host, Co-Post on all things California. The good, the ugly...The Golden State in all its raw gloryhood. We proudly (& unproudly) present Southern California's Wows & Woes. Take a bow Ms. Brilliant!
{B}Hello to all the Jongleur readers! Janette and I have many things in common, and one of them being we live in California. I was born and raised in Southern California, and while I do enjoy the fantastic weather and beaches, there are some things I could live without. There are always pros and cons to any place you live, so I'm here to share some of the woes of living here.

{J}And I'm here to share my personal Wows! You know, I'm actually glad I got to do the Wows for this post, because it's so easy to focus on the negative stuff, right? Anywho, here's our list...

 {B} Those are some great WOWS Janette! I think they really outweigh the WOES. This really is a great place to live and I'm very thankful I was able to grow up here. Thank you Janette for inviting me over to your awesome space! You have some wonderful readers and I hope you all enjoyed seeing California from the view of two true Californians. It's definitely a place you should come visit sometime!

{J}You are so right Ms. Brilliant! It's a great place to live! (Freeways are fun deserts and earthquakes are my arch nemesis, but it's a delightful place nevertheless!) And a BIG thank you for participating in this Jongleur blogventure. (It took us a while, but it was fun!)
Well that pretty much wraps up the fun, friends! Please check out Ms. Brilliant's blog! It's a magical place full of her life adventures, pups, vintage finds, and a greatmazing summer in San Diego series. And to officially end this co-host party, here are some snaps of Breeanna having a sightseeing fiesta in our home state... Enjoy!

Wows-Woe List made by Janette 
SoCal Collages made by Breeanna. 


PS. So I've officially started a Wow & Woes series... I plan on doing more if anyone is interested in joining me.. If you missed my first ever Wows & Woes please click here.(It's a Beach Edition.)



  1. I love your wows & woes list! Wow #4 is my favorite... warm and sunny weather is good with me. I'd have to say that woe #1 scares me the most about California... I don't think my husband and I could ever afford to live there. Yikes! California is beautiful though... I always love visiting. (:

  2. I love southern Cali!! We lived in Pasadena for five almost six years and then moved back to the Midwest for familial reasons. I love all the wows, every single one of them, and I agree with all the woes, with the exception of #4. Come live in the Midwest for 2 years, you will grow to appreciate boring sunny, warm weather.

    While I hate earthquakes, tornadoes are much more frightening to me.

    I might add more wow's to the list. When we were in Cali, I seldom had migraines or fought my allergies. Fresh fruit is huge, as in size! The avocado's we have here are about 1/3 the size of the ones we bought in Pasadena and they cost more!

    I miss southern Cali.

  3. Cool! Fun series! And I love your co-posts that sound like you two are just talking back and forth.
    Maybe I can visit someday!

  4. I love this post! There are many ups and downs to living in CA and I too was born and raised in SoCal. It holds my heart but my hubby and I have been thinking about moving to Arizona when I finish my Masters Degree...It really is too dang expensive to live in CA and we love the desert so Arizona is the best place for us. At least we think so, lol.

    P.S. Thank you Janette for the awesome indoor activity suggestions...I have been thinking abour visual journaling/art journaling for quite some time now. I'm going out to get the most perfectest journal today to get started!

  5. Janette, yup, lovely Lydia is my delightful daughter. Thank you for following me! My blog really does tend to be whatever's on my mind at the moment, sometimes it's what's really weighing on my heart. I've actually been blogging for about three or four years but moved to the one I have now two years ago.

    BTW how do you get your link to be your signature?

  6. I love your wows and woes so much! :) SUCH a great series! Gorgeous pictures too!

  7. I am pretty much in agreement about the wows and woes of living in Southern Cali. I grew up in Northern Cali and have now lived in SOuthern California for 12 years and I di love the diversity of cultures and landscapes but there are woes to living in any place I must say.

  8. You know what ... I hate you ... hahah Just Kidding
    OMG I love your blog ... everytime that i came here... is better and better tah before... I have to say that you are awesome. I love the way you write, the creativity you have to do this super interesting :) really I admire you and I m really happy to "meet" you.

  9. I am a southern california girl! Born and raised there so I love this post!! Its all so true!

  10. My hotel has free internet! This turned out great! Thanks Janette for letting me co-post!!!

  11. EEEP! Another addition of Wows & Woes!? I'm ecstatic!! I loved reading the viewpoints of two lovely Cali girls! :D

  12. Great post! I was actually born in Ventura County! My grandparents still live there, and I'm hoping to take Hubby there for Christmas!

  13. yahhhh, a cohost/post with the lovely Breeanna AND the focus is on the very place i'm dying to get to soon! awesome SD girls did a great job here! ♥


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