What's In Your Crafty-Project-Art Bag?

Here's my crafty bag filled with goodies and projects I'm currently working on or intend to work on... It's almost like a Babysitter's Club Kid Kit (Remember that???!)... But a million times better!

1. My crochet learning kit and current project (scarf gone awry but salvaged and transformed into crocheted necklace magic...) Hey! At least it's not a cup this time.

2. Acrylic paints (for 6 and 7).

3.Embroidery thread for 4 and to thread in my hair.

4. Friendship bracelets. Arrgghh! Seriously, I still can't make one without messing up. 

5. Markers, sketching pencils, crayons, colored pencils, and pens for 6.

6. Unlined Journal/ Art Journal/ Coolest Journal Ever

7. Collage Book.
On Saturday,  my friend (who I hadn't seen in a while) gave me this book for my birthday...A few days before that I had purchased an art journal and was scouring the internet for tips and inspiration for making pretty collages...No need for that now that I have my handy dandy book! A timely gift wouldn't you say!? I think the Lord just wanted to bless me cause He is good.

So do you have one of these crafty bags or a Kid Kit of sorts? What's in it? Tell me!

And tell me which character was your favorite in the Babysitter's Club series. (I liked Claudia.)
And please don't tell me you've never read BSC cause I'll cry a little inside.


  1. YAY! So cool! I haven't made friendship bracelets in forever but it sounds fun! And I don't really have a crafty bag since I have the room now, but gosh darn it I still need to take pics of it! I'm a slacker.
    oh and ummm....umm...don't cry ok?! promise?! I've never read them, but I did watch the shows a couple of times. Sorry.
    Hank the Cowdog was my fave when I was younger.

  2. Wow, this takes me back! I loved the BSC books... I always checked them out multiple times from our public library growing up. I'd have to say my favorite was probably Dawn. She was so California cool (:

    Serendipitous that your friend gave you that book... what perfect timing. When you make some beautiful collages I hope you'll share!

  3. I love all the things you have!

  4. I haven't made friendship bracelets in sooo long!! I used to collect them when I was in school :) I don;t have a crafty bag but I do have a kind of tool box that has lots of arty stuff in like paint, string, paper, tape and I think I have a filofax in there which I'm planning to upscale and make more crafty :)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. so I am a slacker and can not self motivate to do crafty things. I'll make stuff for my boys no problem but when it comes to the house or myself it's too much work.

  6. Fabulous craft kit!

    I LOVED BSC!! I think Kristy was my favorite. I was a tom boy like her. Remember the BSC movie that came out? I bought the soundtrack for that movie and that was my very first CD lol.

  7. Cute kit! And I loved the BSB! If I had to pick a favorite, it was probably Stacey because she was so stylish.

  8. How fun! I wish I could have a craft I was good at so I could have a craft bag! hehe!

  9. Love it all - love crafting! Friendship bracelets...ahh, just started to make them again...so much fun! You can do it! xxx

  10. Haha babysitters club takes me back! I don't really have a craft bag anymore, but when I did it always had my journal, pencil colors, crochet yard and needles!


  11. haha wow,, babysitters club haha, i remember that!! haha. And I have a million craft projects, so its more like a crafty project box, lol!! and I also still cant manage to make a friendship bracelet without messing up either!

    <3 Kelly

  12. well i don't have a crafters bag but sure adore yours lovely!!! the extent of my kid kit would all lay within the computer, piles upon piles of folders filled with design insp and elements. can't get enough, total addict when it comes to that stuff : )

    what a sweet and thoughtful gift from your friend, i can see how much you adore it and how well it will be used. okay, been putting it off long enough....i haven't read it : (((( i never wanna make ya cry but perhaps i could redeem myself someway? you name it and i'll do it : ) xoox happy sunday. ♥

  13. Wow what a bag. I love it.

    BSC was amazing.

    I do carry around a Kid Kit. I have little siblings, and I am teacher. So I have a sewing kit. News paper. Origami paper. Felt. Crayons. Pastels. Water colors. Sketch book. Art pads. How to Draw.. books. and so many other things.. Its more like a huge rubermaid I carry in my SUV. haha


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