I'm doing a weekend recap, verbal style...Why? Well... Cause usually I bombard you with pictures and I figured you needed a break from my many montages...And I needed a break too...A BIG one...But mostly you needed a break...Yupsolutely! So away we go...

-Work as usual. Got out early. (suhweet!)

-For lunch I went to Jack in the Box and got the Southwest Chicken Salad.. It's really good if you take out the cheese and corn fritters and use a different dressing and add shredded carrots and add more chicken! ;-)

-After lunch I cleaned my house like a frenzied fiend to prepare for Saturday.

-Lovey and I went to dinner at Mimis and the whole time I wanted to melt into a sappy pool of tears. I was sooo stinkin' emotional (Yup. That time of the month!). I don't like feeling that way. Sad and misty-eyed at Mimi's, party of one?

-Went to a friend's house for Sabbath service, but left early to prepare for a surprise birthday party being thrown at my house later that evening.

-Got In&Out burger coupons for a belated birthday gift at aforementioned home. YEEEES!

-Surprise party at my house was a success, but I don't think I want to do that again... Not any time soon anyway.

-Suspicion # 245 confirmed. I am a control freak and perfectionist. Please tell me you are too. Please?

- Lovey and I went to visit his sick, Persian grammy who insisted on making us lunch... Ahhh! Poor grammy. I felt sooo bad!!  But the food was amazingggg! (She speaks little English, so we barely spoke to her either.) Garsh! We're such horrible grandchildren!!! Making a sick grandma cook and barely speak to her?? Are we thee worst people on earth????!!!!!! I think so! Haha!

-After Grandma's we went to see my brother and his lovely wife who were visiting from Texas. They were staying at my sister's house, so we hung out there for the rest of the evening. My parents were there too! We played Foosball, Pictionary, and ate some BBQ...I was surprisingly good at Foosball. Like...on fire! Blazin' n' amazin'! That, or maybe my nephews stank... (I think the former! Ha!) It was thee best evening!

Yup. That was my weekend... What was your weekend like? Highlight? Lowlight?
You can probably guess both of mine. :-)

PS. But is it wrong to want everything to be in its place and clean?!!?


  1. i am also, definitely, a control freak. :)

  2. Gosh your weekend was packed full!
    Is it Mimi's cafe? If it is the same one I'm thinking of then I love that place!
    Did the party go well?
    And you aren't the worst people in the world. It sounds like she really wanted to do that for you and that you wouldn't have been able to change her mind!

  3. wow, busy weekend for you!

    I am also a control freak and perfectionist. It drives Mr. Brilliant crazy!


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