1. I finally got an unlined journal... and I've decided to create a lovebird series/novela/soap opera. So far there's a love triangle, and my main character (Mr. Perch) may or may not be in love with a bitter bird.. Oh the feathery suspense!! (I'll share some more of my "art" when I get around to making it.)

2. This is the last picture taken of my favorite bracelet while it was still alive. It broke on Saturday... I've had it for almost 15 years. Boo...

3. Scary looking angel sculpture.

4. Ruffles con limon y Tapatio. Que delicioso!

5. Mexican Coke tastes so much better... No high fructose corn syrup.

6. Remember my threaded hair tutorial? Well, I threaded a strand of sequins into my hair... It looks AWESOME! I'll show some better pics soon.

7. Purple pretties!

8. Don't you love a post haircut blow out? My friend does thee best job ever! I've received sooo many compliments!

9. Banana macadamia nut pancakes!!YUM!

10. The tips of my bangs were getting bleached for some purple and blue. (Blue didn't work too well, so now they are just purple)

11. I like Italian food. I had it twice today... Totally a bad idea!

12. My sequined threaded braid also doubles as a headband. NICE!

 PS. I lied about sharing my weekend highlight today. Sorry. I tried, but I hit CTRL- Z too many times and my post was deleted... BIG BUMMER! Woe is you Blogger! Woe is you!

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  1. What a week! So many little pretties involved...I LOVE the artwork, you talented thing, you. & the pretty hair dealies and of course the spooky angel.

  2. I have been toying with the idea of adding color to my hair. I have had cooper toned red hair for 5 years now and i am officially bored of it so i am letting fade and then letting my natural color grow out. Then the plan is to throw in some splashes of color. Can;t wait to see what your hair will look like!

  3. I want more pictures of the sequin in your hair!! :D Awesome idea!

  4. Lol! I love this Mr. Perch character. And um, Wow. I had no idea Mexican coke didn't have high fructose corn syrup! I'd like to try that. AWW, I'm so sorry about your bracelet! That sucks! :(

  5. I agree about the Mexican Coke! You have to be careful though. Some Mexican restaurants still have the bottled kind with HFCS. The Coke with real sugar and caramel is the best though. I think I drank more Coke than wine when I went to Italy because they have the no-HFCS kind!!

  6. I want that Mexican coke! Normally we buy blue sky sodas to get the no high fructose ones.
    I love your pretty shiny braid!

  7. Those pancakes look yummy! Did you ever have soda in Mexico when they put it in the plastic bag and put a rubber band around the straw? That was awesome!

  8. that bracelet of ur is soooo coool...sad that it broke!
    Love love love ur hair in #8:):)

  9. totally cute. great idea to capture your life lately;)


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