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Feliz Friday friends! Today I'm coming at you poll style to ask you a question... Your opinion on a certain sitch. A friend of mine is in the "talking" stages of what could be a possible relationship and she asked me a question. And here it is....Do two people need to be equally intelligent to have a functioning and healthy relationship? She says this guy is incredibly smart and while she is a very bright woman, she feels that it couldn't work because she has no idea what he's talking about half of the time.

I told her that it shouldn't be a problem. Although I think that it does help to have someone who is at least on the same page as you... and vice versa. I know couples who are...and couples who aren't. And the ones who are on equal playing fields seem to have smoother relationships.

I can honestly (and proudly) say  that Lovey is a whole lot smarter than I am. Yet, I'm not clueless when he talks to me and we can spar on equal levels on various topics. I can also say that I have certain strengths that he doesn't and we complement each other well. Complementing is key!

Ok, soooo time to get inside your heads... Vote and or leave a comment below. Thank you!


  1. Me and my hubby are soooo opposite, I barely graduated and he has a college degree and he's a licensed electrician! That involves alot of math and chem! He is waaaay smarter than I am and we are very happy together!!

  2. It helps but I don't think it's necessary. There are some things that the boyfriend is just so much smarter about than I am. So many things, actually. Yet he insists that I'm smarter than him (he graduated from Stanford, I have a theatre degree...). Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It doesn't matter who has the higher IQ, as long as you both respect each other.

  3. I think as long as they do have things in common than it's ok. If she doesn't know what he's talking about and they don't have common things to do and talk about, then it may not work in the end. It can be lonely if you don't have someone who understands you at your own level.

  4. I think if it is just one of two subjects that you don't understand, that cool. My husband is a whiz at computers and most technology. Half the time I don't understand him, but the rest of the time he is able to explain things to me and I've actually learned a lot from him. I know a lot more now than I did when we fist started dating! There are a few subjects I know that he doesn't get either. I think that is where it is complementary. As long as you can try to learn from each other then it can work. You do need some common interests though.

  5. Two things: First of all, my husband is smarter than me on so many things, and when I don't understand what he's talking about I ask him to explain it. He never talks down to me, he explains it, even if he's explained it before. There are things where I have an advantage over him and I explain it to him. It's how we as humans learn and grow. The time it becomes a problem is if the smarter person lords that over the other. If a person does that, then brains isn't the problem.

    Second, I'm going to try the signature code you sent me. Thanks!!

    Lillian-Thinking Out Loud

  6. omg, i love polls and your little inserted one right there is coolest! i think every Friday should now be filled with button clicks so fun as this. although it is a deeper subject matter, i dig this entirely!

    okay, gonna vote in a sec but wanted to say this sitch is very familiar to me. first of all i think that understanding your mate is ultra important, doesn't have to be every moment but the majority of them for sure. it really doesn't seem like she's not on par with him intellectually but perhaps it's his communication style she's not vibing with. i mean Sean talks about things i know nothing about but tries to make it interesting and understandable for me, so i can somewhat appreciate it either as a cool factor or a lesson on something unfamiliar to me.

    i agree with you 100% Janette, complementing big ups! hope your friend gives this some more time if all else looks good between them chemistry wise. fabU question of the day! xoox ♥

  7. i have a husband that is so much smarter than me, and it works out great. it really depends on the individuals. if i felt so stupid that i couldn't handle it, (or if i always had to be the smart one), then it would be difficult. but, since my husband always has to be the smart one, (while i'm perfectly fine with being less intelligent) it works out great! also- "smart" is hard to define. my husband is book smart, and i am street-smart. does that make sense?

  8. Great poll! Loved the blog :P
    Internet is such an amazing thing. I'll be coming back :)

    Hope you come visit me too. I'll have a cup of coffee waiting for you there!

  9. I'm smarter than hubby in a lot of things. He's smarter than me in a lot of things. We educate each other on various topics and enjoy growing as a couple through conversation. It definitely works!

    Also, I gave you a bloggy award! http://www.marielmohns.com/2011/07/catching-fire.html
    play along or don't, i won't mind if you just ignore it :)

  10. Looks like I voted with the majority...I think love can prevail over any situation. Smart vs. slightly less smart....Pessimistic vs. Optimistic.....silly vs. serious? WHO cares....If you love the other that's all that matters! And it will totally work out. As long as you work on loving and respecting one another. (that's my story. & I'm sticking to it.)


  11. It can absolutly work! My advice to your friend is: If she isn't sure what he's talking about, ASK him. I ask my Husband all the time, "what does that mean" and it doesn't bother him at all. :) If it bothers her potential boyfriend, then she should move on. She should feel confident with him, not insecure. :D


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