Niece Day-Beach Day

I spent a wonderful Wednesday with my oldest niece shenanigagging (Is that a word?) and such at the beach... Fun times!???? Yupsolutely!

PS. The answer for the Disney quote was Ursula from Little Mermaid.
PPS. Give me a movie quote to guess! I love that game!

Program used: Microsoft Digital Image
Apps. Used: Instagram/Hipstamatic
Fonts: AHH! Too many.


  1. My sister and I are PRO at that game! (especially when it's Disney) we cab literally go in for forever. Drives everyone nuts, but we have fun. Haha! I evenI knew the quote before i read your answer. Haha!

  2. ohhh sounds like fun!
    i knew it was ursula :)

    "maybe he's right? maybe there is something wrong with me" where's that FROM sista?!

  3. Girl time is always a must for me, it always equals a fun time no matter what is involved. You are a good auntie to your niece!

  4. your day looked fab! I would be all over the Disney quotes and I could sing ya some too!


    "sea monkey stole my money"


  5. What a fun post! Makes me wanna jump right into those pics and join you guys!
    Hugs xxx

  6. In that photo you totally look the same age! :) Looks like a super fun day! And that game is really fun, I used to do it with my bestie when I was little :)

    Have a great weekend Janette!


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