Midweek Perfection

I had thee besssst evening with Lovey yesterday.... We went to a local Pho (pronounced "fuh") place that we'd been meaning to try for a while.... We were hesitant to go there because it's a pretty well known fact that pho places outside of Little Saigon are not that great. But I reminded Lovey of our life motto when we almost went elsewhere, "Bad pho is better than no pho". And that's the truth! Thankfully the pho was amazing! And we had a pleasant time eating our warm soupiness, laughing, and people watching. For dessert, Lovey took me to get a cake pop from Starbucks (SPECTACULAR) ....And finally, we made our way home with full hearts and tummies to watch Mr. Bean's Holiday. It was wonderful evening! Yup!

Where do you guys like to go for a quick, midweek date?

PS. Wanna know how to make those curly-q arrows? Click here for the tutorial.

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  1. what a great night out! That food looks really good!

  2. Yum, everything looks so delish!! xxx

  3. So sweet! The cake pops look delicious. I've gotta try em! The hubs and I grab Chinese food and like to go to the park, by the river or by the lake. We've enjoyed a few picnics here and there if the weather is good. I'd like to check out a Pho place but we don't have any around here. I may have to do some research.

    You and your curly-q's are adorable. Jus sayin. :P

  4. Hmmm...I've never heard of Pho type food.
    Looks yummy though!

  5. Pho is delish! I've never heard of a cake pop! But it looks good.

    My favorite place for a date night is this little sushi place. One of those hole in the wall places, but it has the freshest sushi!

    I used the curly arrows on my last post! yay! thanks for showing me how.

  6. I LOVE pho, but can't get it in this little town. I have to get it in San Diego.

  7. Sounds like a "pho"n date..(Ok maybe that was a bad joke, but you said it's pronounced "fuh," right?)

    Anywho- I've never tried it but want to!

  8. Thursday nights are a bunch of fun in your hood! wish i coulda tagged along, as usual, can i just become a pocket pet or something?! awe and you with the bucks cake pop is too cute for words. but i will say this: i bet those after snack kisses were the sweetest : )

    much love and thanks for your thoughts about my Momers, bless you! xo ♥

  9. cake pops are amazing. my cousin made some last weekend.. i wanted to eat the entire batch hehe

    hmm a quick midweek date usually means dinner and a walk around the city :) or dinner and whatever sport is on tv.. so many sports.

  10. Haha! Love your motto! We always love making Pho Puns, like: "What the Pho?" or "This Pho is Pho Real!"

  11. I have never heard of Pho until I read this post. It sounds interesting and looks yummy. What's the food like, is it spicy? I am crazy for spicy food!Have a yummy weekend!

  12. Did you know that I've never had a cake pop? This upsets me tremendously. I do love cake. Wonder where I can find one of these fantastical treats?


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