Maybe I'm a Sore Loser...

...But I seriously thought I was gonna be a finalist!!! (Insert "bummer" + LOL.) Here is my entry for Looklet's Tommy Hilfiger styling contest. Basically, contestants had to style a TH piece for a chance to win the selected look. Ppppfft on you Tommy!!!! I didn't even want your dumb dress anyway.... Ok. Ok. I sort of did..... Check out the finalists and vote if you're inclined, although I can't promise we'll be friends afterwards.... Eek! Just kidding! We're pals no matter what! Here is my entry....

PS. On a more Feliz Friday-ish note....Who here has a 3 day weekend??????!! Woo hoo!

Programs used: Paint/Picasa
Fonts used: Print Clearly/Print Clearly Dashed/Poster Bodoni BT


  1. I think you have a lucky entry and the judges made a mistake. :) haha!

  2. yours is cute and casual!
    like the converse!

  3. i have such a silly question - HOW do you create those cute arrows on your images? i have been trying so hard and cannot figure it out... is it a font that you got some place or...? could you help me out?!

    allister bee blog

  4. i am curious about the question above! they always look so cool :)

  5. you should have won - yours looks like it's out of a magazine!

  6. so sorry you didnt win my dear they dont know what there missing out on.

  7. Aww, you should have been a contestant, boo! I won't vote for anyone. I noticed someone just asked this same question, I wanted to know how you did those arrow. In paint?

    Thanks! Have a great 4th of July!

  8. I think yours looks so much better than some of the ones they picked! What do they know anyways?!?!

  9. shaaaa-bummer! i would have placed you first love and with a bullet! awesome preppy twist complete with puppeh. obviously these judges need a séance just to conjure up any sort of good taste! ♥

    pea ess: 2 more sleeps till...... xoooooooox


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