A Look Back: June

This month I....

....Had some of my photographs featured on Etsy!

....Fell in love with the Umbrella.

....Interviewed Ashley (Hudson's Happenings) and Stephanie (The Merry Way) about their photography.

....Stumbled upon THEE coolest site. Everr.

....Went on the besteresterest hike with my family.

....Guest posted on Amylouwho and Write it In Lipstick
....Took my Cool/NotCool.Undecided posts seriously. 

.....Had the pleasure of turning 21. (Sort of and not at all.)

....Reached 100 readers...Woo hoo!

Yup. June was great!

Hoping July brings equal blogging felicity...


  1. yay! So glad you had a wonderful month!! Sounds like it was perfect. :)

  2. Hip Hip Hooray for June and can't wait to see what July will bring!

  3. June was a wonderful month! So many amazing things that you did....I love em all! I adore your cool/not cool. undecided posts!!! I think you have the best opinions and are always so right! I really love reading your blog and it always makes me happy to see you pop up in the comments area. Your a very sweet blog buddy! I heart you big time and cannot wait to see what you got hopping for this month!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. Well I hope your month of July is just as much fun! Cheers!

  5. This was a good month for you! Now July can be even better!


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