Jongleur Jaunts

Hello there! Here are snippets of my previous week... Lots, yet not much at all. I like weeks like that. Don't you? Perfectly unproductive yet full of warm tinglies and happy memories...

{Not in chronological order}
1. Sunset bathing in my backyard...
2. I'm the apple of Lovey's
3. Took a nappy overlooking this lake on the 4th of July...
4. McDonald's isn't the same without Lovey. (DUUUUDE! Remind me to tell you of the funny conversation I had after this...)
5. Tried a cake pop from Starbucks! WOWZA!!!!
6. Holding my baby niece's hand in the ocean=bliss!
7. Suspicion #95,305 confirmed! I look exactly like my oldest brother.
8. Newport Beach! Yay! I guess I like the beach. (Speaking of beaches, did you catch my guest post at Hudson's Happenings?)
9. Went with a few friends to Harbor Cafe at Sunset Beach (?)... Didn't eat anything, but they had a Star Wars tribute wall. It was awesome...(You know I'm a fan!)

Yup... That was it... And now to vote for my most memorable jaunt of all.. #6!!! #5 was a close second!!!

Programs used: Microsoft Digital Image(collage), Picnik (mustache sticker), Picasa (font)
Font: OCRB


  1. Sounds like a good week to me. :D

  2. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! That is what the fourth is for right? Laziness and awesomeness?

  3. Perfect week. I love the processing on three, four, and nine, btw.

  4. these are so lovely :) looks like a nice week, too.. hahah great mustache!

  5. I love it all... seriously you already know I do!
    but I need to hear this convo that you had!

  6. #7 HAHAHAHA! :)

    #6 Awwwwwwww.

    #alloftheabove AWESOMENESS. :D

  7. happy tingles and warm memories, me needs moreeeeeeeee! care to share? baha! awe, i wish but this list of enjoyables is not only hilarious, it's also coveted. mmmm, except numero 7, def pass on the bro look-a-like bit. xo ♥


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