Anniversary Sweetness!

Here's how our 3rd wedding anniversary unfolded friends! It was such a sweet day!

Yup! It was grand!!! Thank you all for the well wishes and happy comments you left me yesterday! Soooo grateful and blessed!

PS. Lovey LOVVVVED the quiche and strawberry goodness... I'll have recipes soon!

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  1. AWWWW!!! Love the roses!
    And that quiche looks amazing! My mouth is watering over here!
    Chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite dessert in the world!
    Looked like the perfect evening!

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  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Glad to hear it went very well & you lovebirds were both full & happy. Sweet, thoughtful husbands are the best. Yummy dessert.

    Have a great week!!!


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  4. sound like your day of celebration went off without a hitch

  5. What a sweet day of love!! Happy anniversary :)

  6. Yum!!! You did an awesome job! Can't wait for the recipes! :)

  7. Aw what a lovely day. Happy anniversary to the both of you. <333

  8. What little lovebirds you are! You celebrated so sweetly!! Staring and smiling at dinner=sooooo cute. :)

    I NEED the quiche recipe...LOVE LOVE LOVE quiche.

  9. How sweet! Happy Anniversary. I am so in love with quiche. What is it with me and food tonight? I'm so looking forward to this recipe. Yay!

  10. So sweet!! Happy belated Anniversary, dear!

  11. Aww how sweet! Quiche is my favorite for reals! On my birthday I always wanted my mom to make it!

  12. cute boost!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, happy anniversary (belated) to you both! such a darling tribute re-cap of the day, collage-tastic i might add : )

    do you know what, i have never been to the Olive Garden. foul fact, i know but Sean swears he's gonna get me there one day soon so i can see/taste what all the hubub is about. can't wait, you've upped my curiosity tons with this delight! you guys RULE! xoox ♥l

  13. Awww, this is so cute- Happy Anniversary to the both of you! :D

    star-crossed smile


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