Feliz Friday Friends! Hope this day goes by quickly for you and that the weekend is super sweet and well spent with your Poppas! Anyway... I think I've mentioned before that I'm sponsoring one of thee best blogaroos in the world, My Best Friend Jules (Ahem...Dot com! Woohoo! Congrats Mervi!). Anywho, I'm scheduled to do a giveaway soon and I wanted all you prettypies to have a sneak peek at my prize..sort of.... Here's a BIG hint:

If I could, I would rig the giveaway so that one of my readers would win...Cause you guys are theeeeeee best!
And stay tuned! The giveaway goodness will take place on MBFJ.

Best of luck friends!

PS. How do you guys feel about people following your blog just to potentially get a prize? I've got mixed feelings. I get the point, but at the same time I feel used... Haha!

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  1. Does it have anything to do with music...?!
    I feel the same about peeps just following to enter a giveaway...some even unfollow after the giveaway....well, what can ya do?!
    Have a fab weekend!
    Hugs xxx

  2. Hmmmm...seems like an iPod?? Haha whatever it is I'm sure it's a really cool gift!
    Yea the thing about people following you for a giveaway...I'm not a big fan. I get the point but I want people to follow me because they genuinely like what I have to say! Not just because they want to win a prize. But thats just me. :)
    Looking forward to your giveaway!

  3. Is it an itunes giftcard??? Haha. I hope you have a great weekend my dear!

  4. I'm going to have to second the iTunes giftcard... that's what first came to mind... :)

  5. i'm going to say....a lock of your hair? (you have to admit your hair is pretty glorious!)haha!

    or perhaps you're giving moosie away? after all, you DID steal him last week!

  6. Hmm, yes, I too think it has something to do with music...A concert of some sort?? I dunno, haha! Either way, I love the pictures! =)

    star-crossed smile

  7. well, if it's that lovely hair of yours count me in!!!!! baha, okay but i'm really thinking it's something to do with musicola and nobody beat drops like you, that's for darn sure. congrats on the sponsoring and hooking up with those swell ladies. looking forward to what will be.

    mixed feelings as well about the following for potential gifts but it seems that most folks either follow you already or had the intention to. let's hope so anyways, it's how i do and i know you do too! xo ♥

  8. Hmmmm...I'm thinking music, milady! Drop Drop Drop it like it's hot. :)

  9. something to do with music! which means I have to win! haha!

    I know what you mean about having people follow your blog just to win something, but that's kind of how you get more people to come check out your blog, and if they like you, they'll stick around, if they don't, then they don't deserve you! :)


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