This month I'm sponsoring one of my favorite blogaroos, My Best Friend Jules.The lovely heart, owner, and mastermind, Mervi requested an intro (which was harder than I thought) and a picture of myself. I realized I didn't have any images that capture the current "feel" and sway of Jongleurville... So I decided to take a few...Even faked some side swept bangs for the occasion and put a little sparkle in my hair (which you can't really see... oh wells)!! Anywho... Here are a few outtakes (you guys shall see the one I picked on MBFJ soon).  In craftier news, I pulled out the sewing machine the other day (a rarity) and made some cuffs (pictured below) from one of my favorite jackets that died recently....I really don't like sewing much, but easy stuff, I'll do in a heartbeat.

OH and note to self: Blowing bubbles with grown up gum is virtually impossible! Ahhhh!

Duuude! I'm so lame! lol Urrrgghhh! Oh well....Happy evening friends!

Programs used: Picasa 3/Picnik Premieum/Microsoft Digital Image
Font: Clementine Sketch


  1. Love the one with the one with the big smile! LOVE the cuffs, talented lady you!

  2. you are cute! Can't wait to see the one you chose!
    I love those cuffs! Great job being thrifty!

  3. you doll you!!!!! love these photos and outtakes rock in my opinion. yours are the cutest, girl those cuffs are amazing. you should do a giveaway, bet they'd be well received, especially since it's made with Jongleur love inserts.

    cheers on the sponsorship thang, Mervi & Helena are 2 wonderfuls indeed!

    i wrote you back on the blog but didn't know if you'd get it. i wanted to thank you for the swell comment on my code those shadow boxes away post. thanks for the idea love. i didn't want to remove the borders totally though. just was trying to find an option to take them away at will. i literally searched and searched for a tutorial on it but there wasn't any to be found. everything i saw removed them completely and was to be inserted in CSS. boo that is what ; )

    thanks for thinking of me, you are always the helpingfullest!!!! ♥


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