Photo Femme Force with Stephanie

Happy Tuesday Sunshines! Today is a happy day! It's finally time for another installment of Photo Femme Force! [Cue the woo hoos!] And this time around, we have Stephanie of The Merry Way sharing her photo weapons, secrets, and history. Good stuff! Once you're done reading up about her here, go check out her blog! You'll immediately be greeted by her fantastic snaps as well as  lots of additional amazings (including, my favorite, recipe posts). Yum-oh! I'm so thankful she let me pick her brain a little. Yup. I know you will be too!

Anyone visiting your blogaroo, can see that you’ve got plenty of picture-capturing talent. Have you had any formal training or schooling in photography or art? 
You are so kind, and no, no training or schooling at all - I've really just begun to dabble in photography and don't know too much, but I'm learning every day and have so much fun experimenting.  
What kind equipment do you have in your photographic arsenal (camera model, lenses, etc)?
I use an Olympus E620 Digital SLR,  and supplement recently, as in the last week, with an iPhone.  I was a latecomer on that whole craze, but I have to admit I'm loving playing around with all the camera apps.  Some may say it's cheating, but I just say a great photo is a great photo!  
Please don’t tell me you get those awesome images straight out of the camera (cause I’ll be jealous until at least the end of the year). What’s your editing process? Do you use Photoshop or other image enhancing software?
iPhoto is a truly amazing thingI use it to enhance the images if I use anything - usually just playing with the exposure and contrast.  My Olympus has a built-in filter option called Pinhole that gives it a cool, vintage-style effect, and that is what I use most often!  I'm also very picky about the aperture, making sure just the right amount of light is being captured.  I try to shoot everything in natural light and absolutely never use a flash.
OK, so, lets pretend you got a $500 gift card to B&H for your birthday…What would you buy?
Ooh - I'd put it towards a great video camera - I want to learn more about shooting and editing video!

Your weekend recap captures are probably my favorite feature on your blog (aside from your yumtastic recipes). I feel like I actually spend the day with you via your photographs (weird, right?). I also like that you take pictures of various things (landscapes, still life, etc) What are your favorite things to photograph (if any)?
No, not weird!  What you just described is the whole goal with the weekend recaps - here's me, here's my life.  But, to answer your question, my favorite thing to photograph is food.  Definitely food.  Without a doubt, food (can you tell I like food?)  I love the idea of cooking something slowly and enjoying the process, and photographing the steps along the way.  The tasty end result is icing on the cake (pun intended).  I also like photographing my dog.  And oh yah, my husband.  :)
If you could go on a photo date with any photographer (famous or not) in the world…Whose lens strap would you tug and why?
There are and have been so many -  Dorothea Lange was pretty unrivaled, capturing sadness and struggle beautifully.  I'd also love to tag along with Joy the Baker (, since I'm so food obsessed. She'd be fun to hang out with and she takes stellar foodie photos. 
And now for the mother of all questions for (most) potential new camera buyers… Canon or Nikon?
I have to stay loyal to my Olympus - it has treated me right!


Who else wanted to do a face plant into that bread picture???!!! Amazing!! Thanks Ms. Stephanie for participating in this blogventure!
And I'm not even half way done with this feature... Planning on tugging more camera straps soon! There are so many talented phophos out there and I have to interview them all! Good day friends!

All images borrowed courtesy of Stephanie Somma.


  1. Yes! I love Stephanie's photos, so it was nice to read a bit about them. :D

  2. Thank you so much for the feature Janette- you are too kind, too kind indeed!

  3. Pretty! Love the bread photo!
    I really really love this series!

  4. Great feature! I've only recently starting following The Merry Way (we have the same name, how can I not?) so it was nice read a little bit of the behind-the-scenes kind of stuff. :)

    Great blog, btw!!

    Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

  5. awe, i adore Stephanie and her beautiful blog and handsome one!!!

    always a place to go to cheer the ol' tired eyes right up. love this feature J and great collabz you two. i'll race you to that delish bread, two, three....go time! ♥

  6. I'm so hungry now! haha. That bread does look delicious! Thanks for sharing:)

  7. So great to read. You both are cute and hilarious!

  8. Thank YOU Stephanie for gracing Jongleurville with your skills, charm, and beauty! You're amazing!

  9. Love this post! I love stephanie's blog and her photos and recipes are always awesome!

  10. I love her! I always try to use natural light too. I hate the way flash looks.

  11. Yay Stephanie! I love the Merry Way, and she does take Awesome photos!!!


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