Photo Femme: Ashley of Hudson's Happenings

The reason I started this Photo Femme feature was because I wanted to know the secrets behind the lenses of some of my favorite bloggers...And Ashley of Hudson's Happenings is one of those favorites to the umpteenth power! I just had to know what makes her such an exceptional photographer! So without further ado...

Heyya Ashley! Thanks for participating! I know this photo femme force would not be complete without your inspiring contribution! Now before I start delving into the meaty questions… Lets get the basics out of the way first… What kind of camera & lens(es) do you use?
Thanks Janette! I am so excited to be a part of the amazing photo femme force! WhooHoo! I use a Nikon D5000 camera. My favorite lens that I use ALL the time is my 35mm, F1.8 Nikor Lens. I also have the standard 18-55mm kit lens that came with my camera.

Do you photograph all the images on your blog or does your hubaloo help you? (Or perhaps Hudson helps too…Hmm..)
Well, thankfully, I have a very cooperative husband that helps me out by taking the very special pictures that I have of myself with my sweet baby Hudson. My sweet Mom also occasionally takes photos of our little family. Other than that, all the photos on my blog are by me....and, sometimes, my trusty tripod. 

A lot of your posts feature diptychs and collages, what photo editing software do you use? And what are your go-to actions? 
I use Photoshop Elements 9, and I would honestly be lost without it. I have so much fun tinkering around with different actions and edits. As far as "go-to" actions, I usually always adjust the levels, and sometimes I use filters to give the photo a soft light glow. 
    Are you a veteran photographer or a naturally talented novice? (Please tell us that you took photography in school, cause otherwise photomajors around the world shall unite and demand refunds from their respective collegiate institutions.) How long have you been shooting?
    Oh my goodness, you are too kind! I am most definitely a novice! I have never taken any sort of photography class before...although I've always wanted to take one! (Maybe one day!) I've taught myself all that I know about photography and editing, and I'm always striving to do better! I've been taking photos since college, but I got more serious about photography when I received my awesome Nikon from my parents in 2009. 
    Do you shoot professionally? If not, have you considered it?
    I do not shoot professionally, but I love taking photos for my friends. I think that being a pro photographer would be the most amazing job, but I am not sure that I am cut out for it. I am very much a perfectionist, and I possess a standard trait of perfectionism: I am way to hard on myself. If I took photographs for another person and got paid for it, I would probably worry myself to death thinking that they didn't like my work.

    It’s a beautiful day and Hudson has new adorable & dapper outfit. You have a full battery (not just photographically speaking) and 2 hours to spare to snap some pictures…Where do you head off to?
    I am so lucky that our beautiful Alabama city has an abundance of amazing sites that serve as lovely and unique backdrops. My favorite places include the pretty, green riverbanks and the gorgeous, European style fountains downtown.

    And now for the proverbial question…. Canon or Nikon?
    Whew. This is a dangerous question. I wish not to offend any fellow photo femmes out there, so I'll tread lightly and answer simply: Nikon. :)

    Isn't she stellar?!! Thank you so so much for participating in this blogventure Ashley! You're a greatmazing photographer and a killer diller Words with Friends partner in crime.

    All images borrowed courtesy of Ashley.


      1. JANETTE! Thank you so so much for including me in this fabulous femme force of phenomenal ladies! Your words are too kind, and much appreciated! I love photography!! :D

      2. Love the photos!!

      3. I love that you do this series! It's so great to be able to discover other creative female photogs.

      4. I need to learn more about my camera and how to use it. Stuff like this motivates me to learn more. (Off to dig out the DVD that came with my camera. . . )


      5. She takes such lovely photos! This is such a great idea for a blog series :) x

      6. I loved this!!! Ashley is awesome and I'm constantly awed by her photos!

      7. love Ashley and love you, this is a collabz from the heavens girls!!! yups, knowing how someone else ticks is something i totally dig, these features are always teaching me something new about the person and their photography skills. you are so brilliant for showcasing them J!

        i've admired Ashley's photos for so long now, soft light glow mischief managed, cheers!!!!!!! ♥

      8. I LOVE Ashley's photography! It's so beautiful. Nice to now know some of her secrets. ;)


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