Park & Change

Lovey and I went to a new park this weekend as part of our newly (lets see how long this lasts) scheduled late afternoon walks.  It was pretty, but lacked the park power punch to motivate us to return. We're park snobs I guess. Anywho... The whole time Lovey spoke of plans to move up north....(Maybe that's what ruined the park for me)....I'm not sure how I feel about the whole sitch...I don't take well to change and his motivation makes me uneasy. He's been talking about moving for years, but this time he seems more determined than ever. What to do? What to do? A topic of discussion for another time...Definitely. Meanwhile here are some snaps. (Lovey took the one of the bird in flight... Isn't it great!? What. A. Lovey!)

Do you take well to change?


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  1. Lovely pictures! You look so cute!
    I'm not so bad with change, but only because I've moved alot so just kind of got used to it. i hope you guys work something out and until then enjoy the park! :)

  2. Lovely photos. I don't do well with change either - it's usually the anticipation of the coming change that seems to be the worst - once it happens you usually realize it wasn't so bad! Good luck with decisions..!

  3. Pretty photos. I hope all goes well with your discussion for a different date... it's hard to be on separate pages from your lovey.

  4. Wonderful photos, I love your outfit!
    We've talked about moving a lot but have never found the real motivation to do so.

  5. How fun! We need to do this more often!
    And I adore your oufit girl!

  6. hey girl!
    i freaking love your blog once i'm done with summer semester i'm going to change up my blog a bit and add your cute button somewhere on there ;P but your seriously take the cutest pictures and you are so freaking crafty i'm envious because i'm computer-stupid!

  7. Wonderful pics! Looks like a perfect day! xxx

  8. park time with you and lovey...i want some!!!!!!!! oh but sometimes the discussions get heavy when left in a place with so much tranquility hey. i don't do too well with change myself but it all depends on what the topic is. this ones a doozy, sure hope you come to a mutual agreement sweetheart. he really does want to return to the land of arctic puffins for realz and you are so sunny delight. hmmm, this could be very discombobulating indeed!

    more talk, more kiss kiss and def more TIME! xoox ♥

  9. I love your pictures and those sunglasses:) Too cute!!! Where did you get those if you don't mind me asking.
    Take care,


  10. Sunday afternoons at the park are THE best! I'm becoming less rigid towards change.... after all I moved to London on a whim and left everything I own behind! Change can be good. Hope it all goes well!

    x The Pretty Secrets


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