Our First Date

I like reminiscing...and looking through old picture folders on Lovey's computer... I always find something I almost forgot about... Anywho.. Here are some snaps from Lovey and I's first date... We went to one of those Party City type stores and wandered through every aisle. Seriously. Each. One.

Wellsers... There you have it! Oh! One more thing! Lovey walked into the office as I was working on this...And he said, "Oh NO! Was I not supposed to see this? Is this for our anniversary? Is it part of my gift? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." He was perplexed. I said, "Uhh...no. It's not for you." :-)

PS. Where did you go on your first date with your signi-O?

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  1. HAHA I love this, Janette! So sweet!

    Also...Lovey thought he was getting a surprise. :( You better make him something soon.

    Our first date was to the country club for pasta night. I was all impressed till I realized that Will put our meal on his Dad's tab. Ha.

  2. What a fun first date! Laughing is the best way to start any relationship.

    For our first date, The Boyfriend invited me over for dinner and a movie. He made homemade pesto. Three years later, he's still cooking pasta for me every weekend :)

  3. that is the most adorable first date I've ever heard about!
    you guys are adorable! And how cute that he thought he missed your anniversary. LOL!

    I honestly don't remember our first official date, but I do remember our first night that we "talked". And then one of our first dates my mother-in-law invited herself and it was awful. I was so upset! But we got past it. Haha!

  4. this is so cute Janette!! I love going thru my old pics :)

    btw, I'm passing on the "Lovely Blogger" award to you. check here - http://jahn18.blogspot.com/2011/06/missed-me.html

  5. hahaha. I love that he paniked. On my first date with my love we went to get pizza and watch a basketball game. Good thing I like basketball. haha.

  6. That is so cute! What a fun first date! We went for drinks and then a walk in the park...and that's all you're getting out of me...ha ha!!
    Hugs xxx

  7. My hubs and I didn't really have a first date. We were friends and coworkers before we started dating so when we finally became a couple we most just hung out.

  8. Aw I love first date stories!
    My bf says our first date was when we both went to a comedy club, but I tell him that doesn't count because he didn't pay for me! haha so I say our first technical date was to the movies to see Shutter Island. I was so nervous!


  9. This is so adorable and made me giggle! We went to...uhm, our first date? Geez, I dunno--I can't remember! I think we went riding on his quad, lol! And then went for a little hike. This was before we could drive! Our first real date was prom, we went one of the best Mexican places, "Las Casuelas, Terraza" in Palm Springs.

  10. What a cute first date!

    My first date with Mr. Brilliant was to a shooting range and then to a Fondue restaurant. After that we sat on the beach.

    The shooting range was his idea, so he could teach me how to shoot (meaning get close and put his arms around me lol!)

  11. Aaah, so cute. I love the disguises.

  12. haha. That is such a cute first date! My husband and I went to a really cheesy movie with my best friend and her now husband. We hooked them up haha.

  13. o MY. it was obvious from the start that you two goofy cuties were meant to be! Just love that you have the memorabilia from your first date!
    for my fist date we went to coffee... and I remember him talking about how penguins stunk. Don't know how that won me over (maybe it's because he was smelling penguins while traveling the world and in South America... you know, traveling woos me!) hehe.
    Oh, and thank you for your little comment on Gentri's blog- you're too sweet, my dear bloggy friend!!

  14. bahahhaah love the lobster. First dates can be so much fun huh?

    Our first date was dinner and then after we went to FYE going through the CD sections and my husband asking me questions like "what CD was your guilty pleasure?" "What reminds you of your Freshman year?" It was really fun and since we both have a love for music it was perfect and hilarious!!! After that was dessert. It was perfect, and I truly fell in love that night!

  15. what a great memory to have of your first date, I love El Torito it's so yummy. As for your hubs you should have lied and told him yes hehe so he could relive the moment too.

  16. honestly this is probably the least stressful 1st date i've ever seen! you two are "one" of a kind and everything you've done together from this point on has been just as fab, fun and crazy cool.

    Sean & i had our 1st date when we met in Seattle, it was kinda like a whole weekend of a date, which was different for sure but i loved every bleedin' moment. xo ♥

  17. Janette Janette Janette! I absolutely love Jongleurville, especially the mayor ;)

    Seems like someone had a great first date.


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