Lovey and I went to his favorite restaurant last week... It's this German place that has probably been around since Anaheim was established (judging from the decor). Ha! Just kidding! Anyway... I'm not a huge fan of Jagerhaus, but Lovey SURE IS! After our meal he said it felt like it was his birthday all over again. What. A. Lovey!! Anyway. I had breaded veal and potato pancakes...It was alright. Lovey's food (not pictured) was waaayy better.. He had grilled elk... YUM-O!

Do you like German food?

PS. This place is kind of on the pricey side..But everything is homemade...

PPS. See the flower I'm wearing? Melissa of Write it in Lipstick gave it to me cause we're the bestest friends in the whole wide world....Joined at the hip practically! Okay, okay...We aren't...But a girl can dream right? She will be opening up her very own Etsy shop soon and selling handmade wonders with the best of them! Woohoo! Go Melissa!

PPPS. Want to check out a super duper awesome Etsy store that's already up and running??? Check out Hello Hotchild! by the super talented and ever dazzling Ashley of Hudson's Happenings. Woo! Go Ashley!

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  1. the place looks charming! And you two are pretty darn cute...Melissa is pretty awesome isn't she?

  2. Yum! Potato Pancakes are delicious! I have to be in the mood for German food, but it can be pretty tasty!

  3. I love potato pancakes so much! I haven't had one in like 15 years! Seriously though, I remember them being delicious! I love your pictures they are gorgeous:)

  4. Hootie Hootie Hoo! You are the SWEETEST! AGH! Dripping with sugar you are, you are. :)

    German food is a big no thank you for me. EEEK. Maybe it's due to the fact that we only have one german joint in a 60 mile radius...it's in my hometown and I've never once eaten there. We used to have a restaurant here that served German food but it quickly went out of business. The owners lived down the street from us and look like walking dust bunnies. They have the nastiest looking house on the block, and leave holiday lights up all year round. Icicle lights. Tacky! I have a feeling they probably didn't meet the health codes. Sssshew.

    I just was thinking, though.....Are pierogies German? Ummmmm because I love pierogies. Like, they are my favorite food.

    Longest comment ever. Sorry, dawg. Hope you're weekend has been AWESOME! I need to get back to our scrabble-izing...our past couple days have been ever so busy. XO

  5. MMMMmmmMMMmmm!! I don't generally like German food, but that looks fantastic!

  6. well, i might not be a fan so much of breaded veal but that yummy looking pink drink you're sipping would def be something i'd swirl down the ol' throat pathways. lovin' all the pics and your new flower gifty goodness too.

    isn't Ashley's shop swell? she is all out rockin' those little plastic pets with bling, totala love. ♥

  7. I've never had German food, but that sure does look yummy! I agree though. I think their decor could use an update! :)


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