Giveaway! Giveaway!Giveaway!

HEY THERE! Were you aware that I'm giving away a $25 iTunes giftcard on My Best Friend Jules?!!! Uh...I don't think you were! So please please please go enter now... You don't have much time! And I would be tickled pink if one of my pals won....So hurry on over there!!!!

And may the coolest person win,

PS. And good job to those of you who guessed my giveaway hint correctly...haha! That was fun.

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  1. ok seriously- that first hair photo... so great!
    heading over now!

  2. yay! I entered a few days ago! I better win! haha j/k

  3. I would enter, but I always win;) So i will give another blogger a chance! haha. You looook gorgeous in your photo<3 I hope you have a fantastic July 4th weekend!

  4. Wow awesome giveaway Janette! I'm gonna hop over there now!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend pretty!

    xo Lisa


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