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Hello Prettypies! Hope you had a swell and sweet weekend! I was busy with family stuff.. My mammy-in-love came for a visit and shall be here all week! Wee!! So, that probably means my posting shall be scarce and far between (hope not though!). Anywho! Here's another rendition (on the short side) of Cool/Not Cool/Undecided.

Dude! I love bubble gum. Seriously! I'm always chewing..Chew! Chew! Chew! And I finally learned how to make a bubble within a bubble within a bubble...But I didn't get a picture of that.. I did, however, get a picture of this puppy right here.. Oh yeah. Am I talented or what???!
Peonies=My favorite new flower.

Riding in the backseat with open windows...on the freeway...and Lovey asking if it was "too windy back there for you?" too late . Look at my hair Lovey!!! What do you think???!! Bahahaahaha!

Ok. So I finally watched the entire series... And... well... I almost cried at the end. And during all the Luke-Vader confrontations and whenever anyone mentioned Anikin's past... I'm such a softy... So why is this under the Undecided category? I guess cause I expected the ending to be different. I mean, I like that Darth wasn't cheesy and sappy at the end...But there was still something lacking...Not sure what though...Boo! Sometimes I over analyze things.
Still don't know if I like Ferris Wheels. The one at Disney's California Adventure traumatized me!!!

So... What was the highlight of your weekend? Lowlight? Anything new?

PS. Thank you all for my birthday wishes! You guys are a terrific bunch! And thanks for understanding and for not attempting to steal my identity like Melissa. Speaking of Melissa... I'm going to be on her side of the world tomorrow... Stay tuned!

PPS. OOPS! Just kidding! I'm at Melissa's today sometime (and tomorrow)! Go check it out! Write it In Lipstick! Hurry!


  1. Ohmigoodness. That hair blowing pic is luscious and quite ghostly. Like a flowing, Jongleur apparition.

  2. eeeek!
    i am not a fan of the ferris wheel at disney.
    its creepy. i dunno, i am not likin it!

  3. that picture is gorgeous of you! and i know what you mean...ferris wheels are also on my undecided list. the one on the notebook? romantic and dreamy and utterly perfect. the one at my local state fair that was assembled in .25 seconds and can hold my entire town? not so much.

  4. haha I had to watch star wars with my husband. I think undecided is where it belogs... I liked it, but I feel weird liking it... am I a nerd? I think so.


    definitely the high light of the weekend

    no doubt

  6. Before I got married, I had never seen one Star Wars movie. Now, I've seen them all . . . and I like them! =/

    Highlight of the weekend was my baby's first birthday and our 6-year anniversary! Lowlight was also the baby's first birthday. lol I hate to see her growing up!

    I'm so happy Melissa from Write it in Lipstick pointed me in your direction! Love your blog!

  7. YES PEONIES ARE MY FAVORITE FLOWER EVER!!! And since the only bloom in late spring I am able to have them for my birthday!!! It is wonderful!!

    Wow a bubble inside a bubble inside a bubble! You have to take a picture of that! I must see what it looks like!

    And I too can't stand my hair wipping around in the car... especially if I have lip gloss on ahahahaah

  8. I'm sorry for laughing at the hair picture. You so do not look amused.

    I love Star Wars! It is a bit sad, but so so good.

  9. I have never attempted the double bubble. Sounds hard!

    I hate it when I'm in the backseat and the windows are down. It's like, why did I spend time on my hair! grrr!

    Heading over to Melissa's now :)

  10. Super impressed by your bubble blowing skills! Also, bubble within a bubble within a bubble? Definitely need to photograph that!!!!

  11. hahaha, It's the sexy tossed look. I bet that was your lovely's plan all along! hehehe

  12. WHAT?? You've got some bbg skillz! I am constantly chewing it as well! What is your favourite flavour?? P.S I am terrified of ferris wheels and cable cars. I hate being up high.. But I'm not scared of heights.. Does that even make sense?? I hope you have a great week with your fam<3 Miss you girl!

  13. love these, as always you have the cutest/ funniest cool/ uncool ideas:) Oh and i'm addicted to gum too!! I've tried to quit, I swear... it just doesn't work.
    Oh, and thank you so much for your lovely comment on Gentri's guest post... and DON"T WORRY i'm only going for 4-6 months... then I'll be back in north america! our chances of meeting are higher again then:P Who knows... maybe I'll have to take a road trip sometime:)

  14. You have some mad bubble gum skillz!! The Guiness World Record for largest bubble gum bubble is 23-inches. Get on it!! :)

    Oh, and did you watch the prequels before the original trilogy? Because I think that would definitely ruin the ending of Ep VI (because you know all of Anakin's back story). I am a firm believer that the viewing order should remain IV, V, VI, I, II, III. The storytelling in the original trilogy is just so great, and the prequels...well, they are just "fluff" in my opinion.

    OK, nerd rant OVER! :)


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