Cool/Not Cool/Undecided

Hey there Prettypies! Hope you're having a premium sort of perfect Thursday! It's time for another round of Cool/Not Cool/Undecided. Here we go!

It's cool how certain hairdos make you feel a little French. Oh la la!
 My soap dispenser is thee coolest!!! Seriously!
Tilt shift rocks!


Did my parents really allow me to drink out of the 7up bottle? Soda for toddlers=not cool.

Coworkers buying me Chickfila when I'm trying to be good....Urrrgghhh...
My favorite jacket died, so I made these. I'm still sad about my jacket...
Bangs will always be in my Undecided category. So will green cows.

Have a happy day friends!

PS. If you want to join in on Cool/Not Cool/ Undecided then just do it! You can even take my headers for each category...Just right click and save on your computer..Or make your own. Just link back to my blogaroo... Thanks!

PPS. Oh. I changed my blog header again... Just can't be happy with the one I have... Perhaps I shall recruit someone to do it when I get some extra monies!


  1. i love the new header! simple and clean design with a great color scheme! :)

  2. I think you look great both with bangs and without so you're one of those lucky ladies! :)
    And I also hate when friends buy you lots of sweets when you've just decided to be good, it always happens!
    You as a toddler=aaaw! :)

  3. Well I personally love your bangs! And that soap dispenser IS awesome!

  4. I like the new header, and i love when you have bangs! (i hate that word) Ah! You were such a cute baby! awwww;)

  5. I like the new header and the new profile picture way sexy :) so I think your bangs are cool and your Julia Robert lips too I am still waiting for them in the mail.

  6. this is SO cool, i'm going to have to make a blog about this too! you are so pretty, by the way. i love your hair. :)

    in the mood to say 'awe'? i just did an adorable baby post you should probably check out, too. ;)

    follow me?

  7. hehe I love this. and chikfila......
    HA to the baby picture ;) so cute!!

  8. I don't know about green cows, either, but bangs are definitely cool. :)

  9. LOVE that fabulous Frenchie hairstyle! I wish I could actually do my hair. *sigh*

  10. omg J, you totally remind me of Audrey Tautou in your tres chic french inspired do. lovely lady you are!!!! what the heck is this Chickfila stuff? people are talking about it everywhere i turn, i have yet to try this obviously epic taste sensation that's sweeping the land.

    awesome assortment lades and i think that cow is giving you the stink eye ; ) back away from the cow.....s l o w l y!

    LOVE new header & design elements - kudos yet again to a swell switch hitter. ♥

    pea ess: thanks for the comments love, nope, don't have a dream machine Mac yet. hopefully it's in the cards though. xo

  11. I feel you on the bangs department! Mine are just about grown out and now I almost feel like cutting them back again! That soap dispenser looks pretty incredible too.... I'm rocking the ol' bar of soap!

    x The Pretty Secrets

  12. Love that flower pic!! Tilt shift is awesome!
    Ok didya know that chic-fil-a is actually one of the restaurants with less calories?! Steven read that if you buy just a chicken sandwich without fries the calories actually aren't that bad. No soda either, just water, but totally worth it!
    Sorry about your dead jacket. Your bracelets are the bomb though!!!

  13. very cool soap dispenser! I love your new header! I'm thinking about giving my blog a little makeover. Maybe that will help me be more motivated to blog :) And now that I have the Picnik premium, it will be a lot easier!

  14. Can you tellme where you got your soap dispenser? Ive been looking forever!

  15. Can you tellme where you got your soap dispenser? Ive been looking forever!


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