Cool/Not Cool/Undecided

Yup, it's time for another rendition of Cool/Not Cool! Enjoy friends! And hope you're having a sensational Thursday!
It's soooo cool that my coffee maker looks like Darth Vader....  (I'm a Star Wars fan you know!)
Sharing a case of the sillies with one of my younger nieces...Wee!
A cute, squishy piggy on my pencil makes me happy....Squeeze! Squeeze!
These purple trees....Sigh central!

How fast time flies...My oldest niece is now a beautiful, young lady...Also not cool? My face in this picture.. What in the world???!! LOL!
Stinking at Guitar Hero...I'm a sore loser.(Look Val, I'm wearing the bracelet you gave me!
This. Water. Is. Too. Cold. It hurts my feet.
Pistachio Mint Nail polish with sparklies... Hmm... It reminds me too much of the ice cream perhaps...What do you think? Yea? Nay?
I made this virgin margarita...But I'm not sure if I liked it...Or if I would make it again (strawberries, OJ, and lemonade)...

PS. If you would like to do Cool/NotCool/Undecided on your own blogaroo, then go for it!! Perhaps I'll make a button or you can just link back to my blog.

Photo Apps used: Hipstamatic & Instagram


  1. This is one of my favorite features you do! I definitely need to do this soon.
    It DOES look like Vader. I actually did a double take when I first saw it! Haha!
    I want a squishy piggy for my pencil! LOL
    Love the tree pic!
    I like the nail polish. I've actually been wanting to buy one that color!

  2. I agree with Amylou, like the nail color! And your coffee maker really looks like him! Love Star Wars!
    That squishy pig is adorbs!!
    I might do one of these posts, too, love them! Will link back to you, if I do!
    Hugs xxx

  3. I like the nail polish! It's a definite cool. ♥


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